Negative experience with the AXA flexi protect direct insurance via Metrobank Philippines

Here is my feedback about my experience with AXA flexi protect direct insurance (Metrobank called me about this offer probably because they call all Metrobank Gold MasterCard holders):
1) Fishy method of inviting Metrobank credit card holders: Since I normally ignore unknown numbers on my mobile phone (a person can send a prior text message or explaining the need for the call after I missed it), they kept on calling the office phone for days instead.
2) Efficient application – no need for signature and documents. My voice was enough to validate the entire process. Of course, they have to do their best to attract more customers.
3) Fast charging to your credit card, but very late delivery of the policy.
I would have understood if they happened almost at the same time, but it didn’t happen that way. I was billed in the cut off just a week after the phone call, but the policy did not arrive. Because of this, three weeks after the phone call (or two weeks after they charged on my credit card), I decided to send them a message (through my Metrobank Direct account) asking to have my insurance cancelled instead. The policy arrived (at last!) just days after I sent my request to terminate my insurance.
4) Almost no barrier to entry (as stated above)… but there are a lot of barriers to exit. After a lot of follow-up e-mails (I have the impression that not immediately responding to e-mails and not forwarding it to the right person immediately is a delaying tactic), I eventually received a response:

Dear Mr. De Guzman:

Thank you for your email.

We wish to inform you that for us to process your request for the cancellation of AXA Insurance, a signed letter of request is requirement.  You may send the accomplished signed letter as an attachment to your email or fax it at AXA fax number 844 2317.

Moreover, please note that cancellation process takes 30 days from the date of receipt of the signed letter.

Please note that we are replying with a coded format.  This initiative aims to provide information security and protection to our customers.
We highly encourage you to indicate only the nature of your concern in the email subject and the last 10 digits of your card number in the body of your email when sending emails from Metrobank Card.

Should you have questions or require further assistance, please email us.  You may also call our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline 8700 700, our domestic toll free number 1800 1888 5775 or our international toll free number international access code +800 8700 0707.

This case is recorded under CIMS issue number  4278420 .

Very truly yours,

Boots S. Lopez
Customer Service
Metrobank Card Corporation
A joint venture of Metrobank and ANZ
(A Finance Company) [MCC]
Mailing Address:
The MCC Center
6778 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

– inefficiency #1: I have to send a signed letter now, even if it was not necessary during the application
– inefficiency #2: 30 days to process a cancellation (so that I will reach another billing cycle and they can collect a premium for another month)
I replied to that e-mail with the following and did not get a response even after three follow up messages:
Hi,1) Cecille Grimaldo talked to me over the phone last March 30 and I was charged as early as the April 9 cut off. If  the processing is that fast, I do not agree with the condition that 30 days should be given as an allowance to reverse the process.2) I agreed to the offer over the phone without having to send a document (a signed document even), and I hope that the same efficiency will be offered during the cancellation.

3) I agreed to have this insurance while assuming that I would receive the policy first before I am being charged. However, it was delivered only after I requested to have the insurance cancelled.

Again, I would like my e-mail to serve as a formal request for the cancellation of the insurance.

Because of my bad experience with this AXA-Metrobank insurance, I would not recommend it to others. I am taking this as a potential sign of more unfair practices and inefficient claiming process.

Une annonce


Il est évident qu’il n’a pas de nouvelles ici dans ce site pendant très longtemps, mais les chasseuses qui n’ont rien à faire se distraient en suivant ma vie intéressante.

Malheureusement, on sait bien que je suis toujours très occupé avec mon travail, mes études, et ma famille… et je n’ai pas le temps de m’inqièter des choses qui ne sont pas importantes du tout. Je ne veux pas perdre mon temps à essayer d’expliquer la situation à une personne qui décide de ne pas la comprendre: Je n’étais jamais intéressé, alors ne supposez pas le contraire.

J’ai les standards que les désagréables ne peuvent jamais atteindre. Ne vous attendez pas à une amitié si vous ne savez pas la vraie définition du mot « respect ».

En bref : Oubliez-moi et laissez-moi tranquille. Vous comprenez bien ?



After some years in the professional world with people who claim that they are fluent in English, here are the top irritants that I encounter at work (and yes, even from the managers):

1) As per

Instead of using: according to, as stated in, in accordance with
Example: As per your request (As you requested)

Nobody uses this in casual conversation nowadays!

2) Irregardless

Instead of using: regardless, irrespective

Ir + less = double negation. Self-explanatory

Passed the Ateneo MBA entrance exam


and ranked 9th in the Ateneo MBA entrance exam despite the overtime work the previous night, the lack of sleep, waking up late, no breakfast, and no preparation.

I am good at Math BUT not under time pressure. On the bright side, I finished ahead of time in the reading comprehension, inference, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning. In the word analogy exam, I encountered the word « fluvial », which is supposed to be tricky, but I definitely know that la fleuve is just river in French. hah!

Someone (from a blue school) asked if my ego is now bloated. I simply said: « No, my ego is as flat as the world ». Who said LaSallians cannot excel in Ateneo? One big fight!



A song that you once thought you would forever long kept playing in your head, even with the play button unpressed. A flashback in the middle of pitch black used to play that track whenever moods attacked. Ticking like a clock, with hands not getting tired.

Until the infatuation reached saturation. Like a memorized poem recited in the room. Or the finest chocolate, but consumed until eight. The melody once harmonious has notes now monotonous. Moving like a machine, full of rust within.

The person – or at least the idea – is fading.



I received business textbooks from a classmate in the French class who recently finished her MBA (for Middle Managers, the exact program that I am targeting).

Business textbooks:
– An Introduction to Strategic Management Concepts and Cases 11th Edition – Fred R David
– Business Ethics Concepts and Cases 5th Edition – Manuel G. Velasquez
– General Principles in Operations Management – Jay Heizer & Barry Render
– Fundamentals of Financial Management 10th Edition – Eugene F. Brigham, Joel F. Houston
– Applied Management Science and Spreadsheet Modelling – Francis J. Clauss
– Heroic Leadership – Chris Lowney
– Marketing Management 11th Edition – Philip Kotler
– Managerial Accounting 4th Edition – Ronald W. Hilton

After several days, I received a message from one of the (terror?) teachers in Alliance Française, offering his French language textbooks:

Steven, do you want more reference books in French? I have books that I don’t use anymore but are in very good condition. They’re reference materials I bought in France pa. I thought of you first. I’m not selling them. I’d give them to you for free.

– Le Bon Usage 13th edition – André Goosse (This is THE Bible of the French grammar)
– Dictionnaire de l’argot français et de ses origines – Jean-Paul Colin, Jean-Pierre Mével, and Christian Leclère
– Larousse Dictionnaire des Difficultés de la langue Française – A.V. Thomas
– Larousse Dictionnaire des Synonymes – E. Genouvrier
– Richesse du Vocabulaire – Jeannine Bochard-Fièvez/Jean Delahaut
– Business French Glossary (English-French French-English) – Peter Collin Publishing
– Le Dico du français qui se cause – Pierre Merle

Me: Bonjour ! Merci de m’avoir donné gratuitement tous ces livres en très bon état malgré etant acheté en France il y a longtemps. Les mots sans fin ne sont pas assez pour exprimer ma gratitude ! Les choses dont quelqu’un n’a plus besoin, c’est sans aucun doute le trésor de quelqu’un d’autre ! J’étais toujours volontaire pour recevoir le bienfait hehe

Prof: Je n’ai jamais dit qu’ils sont gratuits. Tu m’invites à dîner dans un resto japonais super cher. =) (Je blague, bien sûr.)

J’va penser à moi maintenant


J’va penser à moi maintenant
Dany Bédar

Il s’est perdu le grand amour
Il s’est enfuit pour toujours
Peu importe c’est pour quand
Faut pas le vivre trop souvent
J’va penser à moi maintenant

Il se cache peut-être dans un bar
Ou dans un nuage de brouillard
Ça peut être troublant
Quand ça fait trop longtemps
J’va penser à moi maintenant

Il est le reflet du miroir
Pour ceux qui veulent bien y croire
J’me regarde pas trop souvent
J’ai surtout pas beaucoup de temps
J’va penser à moi maintenant

Il peut fondre quelquefois
Y a tellement d’hommes qui se noient
Trop d’alcool dans le sang
Et ces matins pesants
J’va penser à moi maintenant

Il change de nom quand il repart
Et il disparait dans le noir
Moé j’ai eu trente ans
J’fais parti des grands
J’va penser à moi maintenant

Je lui écris une autre chanson
Au grand amour et son frisson
Une chose en terminant
J’pisserai pu contre le vent
J’va penser à moi maintenant

Un dernier tour de chant
Si c’est ça moi, je me rends
J’va penser à moi, j’va penser à moi
J’va penser à moi maintenant

Key Performance Indicator – 3rd and 4th quarter of 2008


The KPI results for the 3rd and 4th quarter of last year (2008) are the same.

Performance Objectives Rating:
0 = Did not achieve at all
1 = Below expectations
2 = Met expectations
3 = Exceeded expectations

Team Member Only:
Timeliness of project deliverables – 2
Compliance with SDLC policies and procedures – 3
Availability to Level 3 Support – 2
Client Satisfaction Feedback – 2
Personal and Professional Development – 2

Team Member Contribution:
Effort – 3
Attitude – 3

Listening – 2
Communication – 3
Teamwork – 2
Leadership – 2

We have not been evaluated yet for the first quarter of 2009 because, logically, the evaluation period will be until the end of March 2009.

Je n’attends plus ton retour


Je n’attends plus ton retour
Dany Bédar

La nuit tombe sur le jour
Y en a qui sorte, faire un tour
Si le bonheur tourne autour
Ce que le malheur court toujours

Y en na d’autre qui tombe en amour
Moi je n’attends plus ton retour

La nuit ramene les vautours
Y en a qui heurtent au secour !
Y en a sans doute de meilleur aux alentours
Pour effacer l’ébats de ton parcours

[au refrain]

La nuit fait place aux beaux jours
Y en a qui sorte faire la cour
Si les ébats de ton voisin te rendent sourd
Fait battra ton cœur comme un tambour

[au refrain]

I am a busy person


Aside from at least 48 hours of work a week, there are 7 hours a week of two French modules combined. My house is far and I go back and forth to the office, and the school is far from both office and home. Finding time for watching movies and reading books is difficult. Sleep is a luxury.

There is no time to prioritize dating, flirting, and reading nonsense e-mails over working, studying, and casually visiting close friends. So, if you cannot contribute to my productivity and happiness, just go away and be happy without me.

Thank you.

(To be scheduled: overnight vacation at Pansol with some French classmates and friends, a birthday party with a High School classmate’s family and friends, dinner with college friends, a good musical with someone)



Attraction is not a choice that can be decided at will; it is a sensation, not a voluntary response.

Attraction is not a permission that can be asked; it cannot be obtained by begging.

Attraction is not a logical argument that can be proven through fighting for a generally accepted set of scientific standards; it is a perceived value, not an absolute value.

Attraction is not about always stating the logically correct final answer; it is about the manner it is delivered regardless of stupidity.

Isn’t it strange?


A former officemate added one of my friends both in Yahoo Messenger AND Facebook even if they do not know each other. As expected, my friend asked the person where the e-mail address was obtained (I had no idea).

A: hi, may i know where you got my email
B: from Steven
B: may I know your name?
A: he gave it to you?
A: did he not give my name?
B: your name is A?
A: and you are B, i suppose?
B: yes, y?
A (9:49:47 PM): may i ask why steven gave my email to you?
A (9:58:58 PM): sorry got disconnected, may i ask why steven gave my email to you?
B (11:21:29 PM): i got your contacts from the email steven sent

Note: There was a long gap between the question and the answer (1 hour, 31 minutes, 42 seconds) and the other party’s status was « Available » all along, not « Offline » or « Idle ».

I cannot blame my friend if she was also probably wondering about the reason behind these sudden online connection requestS, and why HER specifically, among my friends. Since I did not know that something was already happening, I am thankful that she left an offline message asking me why this person added her.

The unexpected friend requests itself is already weird, but it is weirder that the common link (me!) was not notified beforehand. However, since it should be none of my business, I did not do anything about it in order to not aggravate the situation. I just apologized to my friend for the hassle. She has a boyfriend already!

Considering these, it is improper for the person who added a supposed stranger to call me a « jerk », thinking that my friend is « freak » and « rude » even if she was just inquiring where the e-mail address came from, and not apologizing to her.

On the other hand, it is impolite to add a total stranger without answering the question WHY when asked. Why does one also have to ask for the name of the person whom she added personally without my introduction when she knew it well all along? Most importantly, when one receives an e-mail with a lot of recipients, adding someone from the CC list is normal only if she is actually acquainted with the other person or at least polite enough to introduce herself properly.

It is unfortunate that the one who considers herself to be more mature than me would end up doing something as immature as this.

Cher Cupidon


Cher Cupidon
(par Dany Bédar)

Je suis tombé comme un idiot
Noyé en buvant de ton eau
Aimé peut-être un peu trop
J’ai pourtant l’habitude de te tourner le dos

Tu t’es trompé, vrai ou faux ?
T’as mille défauts tu voles trop haut
Tu te trouves bien beau, un beau salaud
Une flèche en stéréo pour causer le cahot


Cher Cupidon, as-tu perdu la raison ?
T’aurais sans doute besoin d’une bonne leçon
Cher Cupidon, j’ai quelques questions
C’est plutôt une proposition, oublie-moi donc

T’as tiré une fois de trop
Et j’utilise mon droit de véto
J’espère ne plus t’voir de sitôt
Tu peux prendre quelques bonnes années de repos

[au refrain]

Un jour je referai le grand saut
T’auras droit à une part du gâteau
Et une poignée de main solo
Dans l’autre main je garderai le couteau

favorite movie quote


« Sacrée Sophie, le jeu avait repris sur les chapeaux de roue. Du bonheur à l’état pur, brut, natif, volcanique, quel pied ! C’était mieux que tout, mieux que la drogue, mieux que l’héro, mieux que la dope, coke, crack, fix, joint, shit, shoot, snif, pét’, ganja, marie-jeanne, cannabis, beu, peyotl, buvard, acide, LSD, extasy. Mieux que le sexe, mieux que la fellation, soixante-neuf, partouze, masturbation, tantrisme, kama-sutra, brouette thaïlandaise. Mieux que le Nutella au beurre de cacahuète et le milk-shake banane. Mieux que toutes les trilogies de George Lucas, l’intégrale des Muppet Show, la fin de 2001. Mieux que le déhanché d’Emma Peel, Marilyn, la Schtroumpfette, Lara Croft, Naomi Campbell et le grain de beauté de Cindy Crawford. Mieux que la face B d’Abbey Road, les solos d’Hendrix, le petit pas de Neil Armstrong sur la lune. Le Space Mountain, la ronde du Père Noël, la fortune de Bill Gates, les transes du Dalaï lama, les NDE, la résurrection de Lazare, toutes les piquouzes de testostérone de Schwarzy, le collagène dans les lèvres de Pamela Anderson. Mieux que Woodstock et les rave parties les plus orgasmiques. Mieux que la défonce de Sade, Rimbaud, Morrison et Castaneda. Mieux que la liberté. Mieux que la vie… »


« Sophie, you old devil, the game has resumed at top speed. Pure, raw, innate, volcanic pleasure! It was better than everything, better than drugs, better than smack, better than a dope, coke, crack, fix, joint, shit, shoot, sniff, ganja, Mary Jane, cannabis, weed, peyote, blotting paper, acid, LSD, ecstasy. Better than sex, better than blowjob, sixty nine, orgy, masturbation, tantra, Kama Sutra, Thai doggy-style. Better than the nutella on peanut butter and banana milkshake. Better than all the trilogies of George Lucas, the whole Muppet Show, the end of 2001. Better than the swaying of Emma Peel’s hips, Marilyn, la Schtroumpfette, Lara Croft, Naomi Campbell and the beauty mark of Cindy Crawford. Better than the B-side of Abbey Road, the solos of Jimmy Hendrix, the small footstep of Neil Armstrong on the moon. Space Mountain, walk-around of Santa Claus, Bill Gates’ fortune, the trances of Dalai Lama, near-death experiences, the resurrection of Lazarus. all the testosterone shots of Schwarzenegger, the collagen in Pamela Anderson’s lips. Better than Woodstock and most orgasmic rave parties. Better than the high of Sade, Rimbaud, Morrison and Castaneda on drugs. Better than freedom. Better than life… »

Someone does not deserve it


Someone does not deserve the time of a busy person with a lot of important things to prioritize in life.

Someone does not deserve the explanation of someone telling the truth if the answers will always be interpreted from an entirely different perspective anyway.

Someone does not deserve the effort of a person if the game is unfair, complicated and less clearly defined but nevertheless requires full dedication. Someone does not deserve to expect a person to aim for futile results.

Someone does not deserve the recognition of a person who has been discriminated by that person. Someone does not deserve the apology of a person who is not guilty of the accusations.

Someone does not deserve the hatred of a person who only has apathy. Someone does not deserve the care of a person who has realized that it is better to let things be and not care about it.

Les films français que je recommande:


L’Auberge Espagnol

Je recommande mon premier film favorit, « L’Auberge Espagnol ». Il s’agit d’un étudiant Erasmus qui a voyagé en Espagne pour étudier l’economie et pour connaitre les autres cultures européennes. L’histoire a commencé quand il a decidé de quitter sa famille et la France, son pays, pour vivre avec des étrangers. Ses colocataires, ayant de differentes nationalités, parlent anglais, espagnol, allemand, et un peu français. Malgré les differences culturelles, on s’entend bien dans l’auberge.

Le film met l’éducation et la diversité de la culture en valeur en utilisant le programme Erasmus comme centre de l’histoire. En plus, il y a des histoires sur les relations differentes. C’est un film à voir absolument !

Jeux d’Enfants

Il s’agit de deux personnes qui jouent les jeux folles depuis l’enfance. Les gens (surtout les adultes) penseraient sûrement que leur decisions sont stupides, mais ils continuent de se defier de faire des choses dangereuses et quelquefois humiliantes. Il y a une histoire d’amour dans ce film mais cet histoire-ci n’est pas banal. On ne peut pas prévoir les consequences du jeux « cap ou pas cap ? », alors il ne doit pas racontrer tous l’intrigue ici !

(to be continued…)

A mild reminder to someone who has stopped studying French for a long time


Fortunately, I do not have to resort to visually stimulating reminders to revive stagnant and dry hormones. I just have to hear someone’s accent to resume the overflow of the raging hormones.

Am I the only person in the world who thinks…


…that this person really looks like Patrick Dempsey?

Guillaume Canet
Guillaume Canet

He played one of the main characters in my newly discovered favorite French film, Jeux d’Enfants. Maybe one can tell the difference only when they speak.

Ils se ressemblent comme deux gouttes d’eau !

This is My Life, Rated

This Is My Life, Rated
Life: 7.4
Mind: 8
Body: 8.4
Spirit: 6.8
Friends/Family: 5.3
Love: 2.9
Finance: 7.4
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Daughtry’s Concert at Eastwood


It was my first time to have a VIP ticket, and Krissie and I bought it more than a month before the concert so we did not suffer from ticket shortage. I was guilty for a certain period of time, but I eventually realized that the money is worth the experience. Anyway, the place of the concert is small.

It seems like we were the only ones in the VIP area who are « poor » compared to the rest, because we were surrounded by rich kids, celebrities, models, and foreigners. We were just average persons who were overexcited that we spent a big amount of money for it. In fact, we were so excited that we even forgot to charge our mobile phones that day and we ran out of battery. My camera also ran out of battery, so I was able to take just a few pictures.

His live performance is effortlessly a « CD quality ». I was not ashamed that I know the songs by heart (as if I am the only person in the place who knows the songs that well), and both of us had a husy voice the following day. Hearing his voice would make a person realize that life is unfair. If only I had that kind of voice, I would almost consider leaving my other skills (e.g., academics).

If Daughtry would go back next year, I would definitely buy a VIP ticket early on, no questions asked. I just hope that he would bring Elliott Yamin and Katherine McPhee next time.