Seeing the light…

As I turned 24, I realized several things. Particularly, that not experiencing life according to plan can be perfectly fine, even better than expected.

I did not anticipate changing jobs twice (even if they are good), yet that is exactly the same reason why my record has progressed faster than my counterparts. I did not anticipate to be a team leader this soon, but that is the great part of life’s uncertainties. In fact, I am not the one who suggested that I would be a team leader; the interviewer introduced the idea during my job interview.

The improvement of my salary an unexpected event, together with an improvement of the nature of my job. This is just secondary because money cannot directly buy happiness, but admittedly, it can be one of the essential things in life. Without money, implementing my other important plans would be difficult. Life does not (and should not) fully revolve around money, but tuition is needed for education, textbook authors and publishers do not create books for free, and payments are necessary to get high-quality goods and services. Hence, I consider money to be the means to my goals, not the end goal itself.

Instead of being disappointed for not experiencing events exactly according to my expectations, I am feeling satisfied. I am not saying that it is better not to have a plan at all, but considering that my life became better when I tried to stick to the parts of my plan that I consider most important (e.g., studying French, planning to have a masters degree in a completely different field, considering the possibility of working abroad) and adjusted to external forces (i.e., being trapped in a political office environment and having a bitchy officemate, wanting to change fields, having higher goals than many people), my life definitely improved when I also let « the invisible hand » perform the tasks that it ought to do. Anyway, I am not egoistic enough to presume that I can carve the entire earth alone.

My life is still in the right track despite some minor changes (i.e., graduating a year late, changing jobs, shifting career goals), so in the end, my life might eventually turn out according to the way I visualized my future self years ago, after all. Hence, if ever I will have to step forward to any direction, I know that I should not be too afraid about making the first step.


One Response to Seeing the light…

  1. flora dit :

    Good for you… I hope that I too will see the light. hehe

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