Hectic schedule


Because my work schedule will conflict with my French classes:

Plan A: skip Module 6 but will enroll Module 7 next time
+ I will still have the same set of classmates
+/= I have to do more self-studying. Feasible, because I have done this before. Anyway, I have the ultimate French textbooks to help me improve: The ultimate bilingual dictionary, HarperCollins Robert French Unabridged Dictionary, and the ultimate verb book, Bescherelle, will arrive in weeks.

Plan B: Have a one-on-one class
– it’s expensive
+ the pacing depends on the student

Plan C: Enroll Module 6 and be absent on Thursdays
+ I will have the same set of classmates
– I will pay for the missed classes

Of course, I have not decided yet, but one thing is clear: I have seen the sign that I should not stop.

Sign: A French native would approach me (except for the professor giving a paper in the class, or checking my work).  It would be very unlikely, because I do not live in a French-speaking country and there are few French people here.
Actual event: When I attended the class despite being busy and tired the entire day, my seatmate said « Il a mal à la tête » and the professor approached me to give me a « it is a very good French medicine ». The tablet worked, and so is the sign.