Daughtry’s Concert at Eastwood

It was my first time to have a VIP ticket, and Krissie and I bought it more than a month before the concert so we did not suffer from ticket shortage. I was guilty for a certain period of time, but I eventually realized that the money is worth the experience. Anyway, the place of the concert is small.

It seems like we were the only ones in the VIP area who are « poor » compared to the rest, because we were surrounded by rich kids, celebrities, models, and foreigners. We were just average persons who were overexcited that we spent a big amount of money for it. In fact, we were so excited that we even forgot to charge our mobile phones that day and we ran out of battery. My camera also ran out of battery, so I was able to take just a few pictures.

His live performance is effortlessly a « CD quality ». I was not ashamed that I know the songs by heart (as if I am the only person in the place who knows the songs that well), and both of us had a husy voice the following day. Hearing his voice would make a person realize that life is unfair. If only I had that kind of voice, I would almost consider leaving my other skills (e.g., academics).

If Daughtry would go back next year, I would definitely buy a VIP ticket early on, no questions asked. I just hope that he would bring Elliott Yamin and Katherine McPhee next time.


2 Responses to Daughtry’s Concert at Eastwood

  1. sidemirror dit :

    Cool, you know French. 🙂

  2. Steven dit :

    oui je parle un peu le français. et toi ?

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