Key Performance Indicator – 3rd and 4th quarter of 2008


The KPI results for the 3rd and 4th quarter of last year (2008) are the same.

Performance Objectives Rating:
0 = Did not achieve at all
1 = Below expectations
2 = Met expectations
3 = Exceeded expectations

Team Member Only:
Timeliness of project deliverables – 2
Compliance with SDLC policies and procedures – 3
Availability to Level 3 Support – 2
Client Satisfaction Feedback – 2
Personal and Professional Development – 2

Team Member Contribution:
Effort – 3
Attitude – 3

Listening – 2
Communication – 3
Teamwork – 2
Leadership – 2

We have not been evaluated yet for the first quarter of 2009 because, logically, the evaluation period will be until the end of March 2009.


Je n’attends plus ton retour


Je n’attends plus ton retour
Dany Bédar

La nuit tombe sur le jour
Y en a qui sorte, faire un tour
Si le bonheur tourne autour
Ce que le malheur court toujours

Y en na d’autre qui tombe en amour
Moi je n’attends plus ton retour

La nuit ramene les vautours
Y en a qui heurtent au secour !
Y en a sans doute de meilleur aux alentours
Pour effacer l’ébats de ton parcours

[au refrain]

La nuit fait place aux beaux jours
Y en a qui sorte faire la cour
Si les ébats de ton voisin te rendent sourd
Fait battra ton cœur comme un tambour

[au refrain]

I am a busy person


Aside from at least 48 hours of work a week, there are 7 hours a week of two French modules combined. My house is far and I go back and forth to the office, and the school is far from both office and home. Finding time for watching movies and reading books is difficult. Sleep is a luxury.

There is no time to prioritize dating, flirting, and reading nonsense e-mails over working, studying, and casually visiting close friends. So, if you cannot contribute to my productivity and happiness, just go away and be happy without me.

Thank you.

(To be scheduled: overnight vacation at Pansol with some French classmates and friends, a birthday party with a High School classmate’s family and friends, dinner with college friends, a good musical with someone)



Attraction is not a choice that can be decided at will; it is a sensation, not a voluntary response.

Attraction is not a permission that can be asked; it cannot be obtained by begging.

Attraction is not a logical argument that can be proven through fighting for a generally accepted set of scientific standards; it is a perceived value, not an absolute value.

Attraction is not about always stating the logically correct final answer; it is about the manner it is delivered regardless of stupidity.

Isn’t it strange?


A former officemate added one of my friends both in Yahoo Messenger AND Facebook even if they do not know each other. As expected, my friend asked the person where the e-mail address was obtained (I had no idea).

A: hi, may i know where you got my email
B: from Steven
B: may I know your name?
A: he gave it to you?
A: did he not give my name?
B: your name is A?
A: and you are B, i suppose?
B: yes, y?
A (9:49:47 PM): may i ask why steven gave my email to you?
A (9:58:58 PM): sorry got disconnected, may i ask why steven gave my email to you?
B (11:21:29 PM): i got your contacts from the email steven sent

Note: There was a long gap between the question and the answer (1 hour, 31 minutes, 42 seconds) and the other party’s status was « Available » all along, not « Offline » or « Idle ».

I cannot blame my friend if she was also probably wondering about the reason behind these sudden online connection requestS, and why HER specifically, among my friends. Since I did not know that something was already happening, I am thankful that she left an offline message asking me why this person added her.

The unexpected friend requests itself is already weird, but it is weirder that the common link (me!) was not notified beforehand. However, since it should be none of my business, I did not do anything about it in order to not aggravate the situation. I just apologized to my friend for the hassle. She has a boyfriend already!

Considering these, it is improper for the person who added a supposed stranger to call me a « jerk », thinking that my friend is « freak » and « rude » even if she was just inquiring where the e-mail address came from, and not apologizing to her.

On the other hand, it is impolite to add a total stranger without answering the question WHY when asked. Why does one also have to ask for the name of the person whom she added personally without my introduction when she knew it well all along? Most importantly, when one receives an e-mail with a lot of recipients, adding someone from the CC list is normal only if she is actually acquainted with the other person or at least polite enough to introduce herself properly.

It is unfortunate that the one who considers herself to be more mature than me would end up doing something as immature as this.