Isn’t it strange?

A former officemate added one of my friends both in Yahoo Messenger AND Facebook even if they do not know each other. As expected, my friend asked the person where the e-mail address was obtained (I had no idea).

A: hi, may i know where you got my email
B: from Steven
B: may I know your name?
A: he gave it to you?
A: did he not give my name?
B: your name is A?
A: and you are B, i suppose?
B: yes, y?
A (9:49:47 PM): may i ask why steven gave my email to you?
A (9:58:58 PM): sorry got disconnected, may i ask why steven gave my email to you?
B (11:21:29 PM): i got your contacts from the email steven sent

Note: There was a long gap between the question and the answer (1 hour, 31 minutes, 42 seconds) and the other party’s status was « Available » all along, not « Offline » or « Idle ».

I cannot blame my friend if she was also probably wondering about the reason behind these sudden online connection requestS, and why HER specifically, among my friends. Since I did not know that something was already happening, I am thankful that she left an offline message asking me why this person added her.

The unexpected friend requests itself is already weird, but it is weirder that the common link (me!) was not notified beforehand. However, since it should be none of my business, I did not do anything about it in order to not aggravate the situation. I just apologized to my friend for the hassle. She has a boyfriend already!

Considering these, it is improper for the person who added a supposed stranger to call me a « jerk », thinking that my friend is « freak » and « rude » even if she was just inquiring where the e-mail address came from, and not apologizing to her.

On the other hand, it is impolite to add a total stranger without answering the question WHY when asked. Why does one also have to ask for the name of the person whom she added personally without my introduction when she knew it well all along? Most importantly, when one receives an e-mail with a lot of recipients, adding someone from the CC list is normal only if she is actually acquainted with the other person or at least polite enough to introduce herself properly.

It is unfortunate that the one who considers herself to be more mature than me would end up doing something as immature as this.


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  1. cerise dit :

    I am the officemate. Let the people decide whether you are a jerk or not:


    Your status « I WILL NEVER TOLERATE THIS » – tell that to this Maan Angel. Kung meron mang bastos – siya yun. I did not do anything and it’s not unprofressional to add email address YOU sent. She needs some manners. As if naman napaka-important niya at « annoyed » siya kapag na add lang sa YM.

    I’m really pissed if with you and her attitude! Ni hindi mo man lang pinakinggan ang side ko, basta ka na lang kumampi. Birds of the same feather flock together MAGSAMA KAYO.

    — On Mon, 9/2/09, Cherry So wrote:

    From: Cherry So
    Subject: Fw: Dany Bédar – Cher Cupidon
    Date: Monday, 9 February, 2009, 2:24 AM
    Hi Angel,

    In response to your query, I got your email address from
    this email thread Steven sent. I added all the email
    addresses in my YM address book and consequently, messenger

    Steven had been sending me the French songs the other
    night, but I already told him sometime before I am no longer
    interested in studying French.

    I saw that you have declined my add invitation so I just
    thought my last reply didn’t reach you. (I copied our
    chat log below concerning your chat message to me as to how
    I got your email address.)

    Anyway, I just added you in my list and I never sent any
    message to you after that, I just replied to your query
    about how I got your email add. I hope it did not annoy you.

    I haven’t talked to Steven concerning this matter since
    he immediately logged out when I saw him online. But I hope
    this email will provide the clarification that you are

    Thank you and have a nice day.



  2. cerise dit :

    Clarification: I did not add her at FACEBOOK. That’s what you get when you didn’t bother to listen to both sides and made a biased decision.

  3. cerise dit :

    Other people were added. They never whined nor interrogated me why I added them. Ask yourselves why. I don’t owe any apology. You owe me the apology for posting this blog. You blog, use email, social networking sites but you don’t seem to know internet etiquette.

  4. cerise dit :

    Instead of revising your blog, why don’t you act mature by clarifying things with me first, at least by calling or talking to me before posting something?

    Don’t you think this is very immature of you? It is disappointing that the common link – YOU – did not handle the situation in a matured way. Your Angel was a freak and you are freaking out with her too. You are starting to give me an impression that you are stupid not intelligent at all.

    I already deleted you from the connections. You want a permanent blacklist as a person in my life? I can give it to you, don’t push me to the limits.

    In my last message to the maan angel, which I doubt she received, I told her this:

    Ask Steven why he sent your email address.

    If email addresses are not meant for disclosure, you should use bcc. It is very polite in fact to add email addresses of new contacts. A contact is added for contact purposes. A new contact is someone you don’t know. Why in the hell is the Maan asking WHY DID STEVEN? I can answer a question like why did you Cherry, but I never knew what is going on with STEVEN’s mind when he sent the Cher Cupidon file with my email add at CC: field and other friend’s email at TO fields, where in fact, other songs where only sent to me. I don’t even understand why the TO: and CC fields were used, yet since this is just an informal email, I did NOT BOTHER to ask you WHY.

    I could have told her to go to the rest of the email gang to get her answers for her freaky question but I don’t have time for such bullshit.

    Your argument only proves two things:
    1. You are siding Maan in asking a dummy question to me, « may i ask why steven gave my email to you. »
    2. You have a distorted email ethics. Abnormal and wierd mindset. Go learn some email writing ethics.

    You assumed again (this is next to your previous statement that I added her at FaceBook). All the while I’ve been talking to her, I never knew her name was Maan Angel ****** not until I searched who is the owner of ********** at web after her rude/impolite interrogation.

    No validation again: Why HER specifically? No. Nagkataon lang yahoo siya, yung iba pero mukhang hindi naman online at hindi naman nagcomplain at yung iba gmail. Akala ko pa naman, may sense ka kausap. Eh abnormal ka rin pala magbigay ng reason, puro assumption lang.

    Last question for you to meditate upon:

    Are you enjoying this issue because it simply satisfies your « ego » ?

    Ako naman, pissed-off sa mga ganitong bull shit scenario. That is why I said: You are a jerk.

  5. cerise dit :


    Kindly unpost this message to avoid conflict. This blog itself is immature.

    I really appreciate all the help and kindness you have shown me before. I hope things doesn’t change just because of some pet peeves and that you would still be considerate enough to refrain from hurting me and attacking me.

    I was terminated before because I stood to defend for your actions because I knew what you did was right. I hope you will also be fair to me.

    The I believe the sacrifice I did for you is nothing compared to this trivial issue.

    Thank you for your kind consideration and understanding.



  6. flora dit :

    It is strange.

    If I were ‘the officemate’, I personally would not add the people I do not know because there is really no reason whatsoever to add these people.

    If I were ‘the friend’, I could have just ignored the invitation (it is very kind/accomodating of her to accept the ym request) or I could have accepted the request. But since a stranger added me, it is an impetus to ask questions like what your friend did.

    If I were ‘you’, I would feel the same annoyance and weirdness but I would let it pass since adding a friend’s friend (assuming that you are friends) is not really a crime.

    But to the officemate: I think the issue is not just ‘you added’ his friend but your intention of doing so. If you fervently hope that this would stop, instead of resorting of having your dramatic monologue (flooding his blog with your rantings, you could have just posted something in your blog too[provided you have one]) you could have provided the answer to the WHY-question (to include them in your contact list is a shallow reason). Moreover, why would he apologize to you? I believe you know how it works, needless to say that this is HIS personal blog. He can write whatever he wants. Does he need to ask for your permission? You don’t want to be his mom, do you? You sound like you are lecturing him instead of asking an explanation concerning his behavior. Granting but not conceding that he is not mature enough in handling this issue, then why are you doing the same thing (plus the name-calling and foul words)? Besides, if he confronted you or interrogated you, what difference could it make? If you are incapable of giving the answer to the WHY-question, you could have been worst in the confrontation.

    Sorry for being too honest. I think you need some wake-up call so that you can also reflect upon your blind actions. And read his second to the last paragraph. It is a valid argument.

    P.S he has not violated any internet etiquette because he made sure that your identity is protected (but you are so proud to show off) while you have disclosed the supposed personal-email including the email addresses of his other friends which I find extremely rude.

  7. cerise dit :

    What a true friend or matured person will do in the given situation:

    1. listen to the concern of the angel in her complaint that her email address had been added

    2. tell the angel he will verify first and advise her that she can decline or remove the contact info of cher anyway and there is no big deal about it.

    3. talk to cher and ask her why she added the emails instead of jumping into conclusions and telling her via status « I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS » *logout, not bother ask or to hear the explanations

    4. Refrain from posting more comments since there’s a conflict on-going already. Additional remarks will stir up dissension. The circle of concern is only the angel, Steven and cher. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

    5. Do not encourage friends to gang up against another friend or officemate for some trivial issue. Considering that the officemate had been a friend before too.

    6. Remove this blog entry since the cher already sent personal emails of explanation and request to remove the blog post to avoid further conflicts.

    7. Do not jump into further conclusions, since there had been email communications sent aside from comments to blog post (to avoid flooding the blog).

    8. Do not post a blog about misunderstandings for public viewing with unmoderated comments and no option for the commentator to delete posts.

    9. Do not use CC and TO field if you don’t want to disclose recipient information – this rule is available all over the web, that is why BCC is for .

    10. Use CC and TO field if you are sending to a group with common interest of the subject, which is the start of an email trail wherein all recipients can reply to all about the subject matter and give their feedback to the members of the group.

    11. Know when to apologize and say sorry, instead of insisting on egoistic behavior.

    12. Review the book of manners on how to ask introductory questions.

    angel: and you are cherry, i suppose?
    cher: yes, (y) *WHY?
    angel: may i ask WHY STEVEN gave my email to you?
    angel: sorry got disconnected, may i ask why steven gave my email to you?
    angel: *declined the invite

    (cher: *.. how would i know, I’m not Steven!!****)

    cher: i got your contacts from the email steven sent

    (cher: *so why are you asking me if you know my name already?? I just added your email adds from the email thread as contacts!****)

    cher: you may ask Steven why he sent the email that way..

    So why did Steven posted this blog?

  8. flora dit :

    Be level-headed. It’s not like I posted a barrage of acid comments. I offered a solution that you may have overlooked because you are having some difficulties handling your unwonted emotions. Tell yourself to refrain from posting vitriolic criticisms. I have no intention to meddle unless you want me too. You should have realized in the first place that this blog can be viewed by the public. Eventually, some people would really convey their opinion regarding what they read (the comments or the entry itself), especially when the writer (of the comments) projects to be a know-it-all (but any reasonable person would see that her arguments have loop holes). You are accountable with your actions and words. Since you know that the comments are unmoderated, then you should have thought about your comments several times and their implications (how they would destroy your reputation) before you posted them. 🙂

    I did not jump into conclusions. Your comments are the proofs. Unfortunately, you are not just flooding his blog but his email. What a pity.

    BCC, CC, and TO, whichever.. commonsense, you are not in the position to disclose the information. Obligation to confidentiality.

    Anyway, I have my piece. As for your own benefit, this would be my last comment for this entry. You should also stop.

    With too many cooks, sometimes only one of the cooks spoils the broth.

  9. cerise dit :

    Let the people distinguish their left hand from their right hand.

  10. cerise dit :

    It’s already the 3rd day of request to delete this blog and you haven’t done anything yet.

    You updated my comments and it is very unfair because the factual information were already lost. The above edited comments turns out to be your subjective comments. If you would like to moderate this blog, just reject an entire comment for courtesy’s sake instead of revising comments that aren’t yours.

  11. cerise dit :

    Breach of Terms of Service:
    The Content should not be libelous or defamatory, does not contain threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;

    This account has been reported already for investigation and deletion at

    Kindly delete the blog entry concerning this issue before your entire blog gets closed.

  12. M dit :

    This issue has reached to attention of the readers of this blog.

    Why this blog should NOT be closed:

    Pt.1 the complainant (CS) was the one who posted all the private information (full name, e-mail address) and the defendant (SDG) was kind enough to hide them. It was Miss So’s option to proudly divulge her own identity, but it was not the choice of the other people to be included.

    Pt. 2 if there’s someone who should suffer the consequences of one’s own actions, it is Miss So. The blogger (SDG) merely posted an opinion in his own blog without mentioning anyone.

    Pt. 3 the defendant (SDG) can send one email to his high school friends, college friends, neighbors, relatives, because he expects they are ethical enough not to add them in their contacts then demand too much respect.

    Pt. 4 this issue seemed to have stretched itself too much and has gotten out of its proportions. From a simple case, it has developed into an issue capable of deteriorating valuable relationships specifically that of the defendant’s.

    Pt. 5 the defendant has not made any actions succeeding to this complaint. Only the complainant kept badgering people uninvolved of this issue.
    We suggest that the complainant should cease from anymore actions of clarifications towards this issue, since ironically, it only complicates things for both sides.

    AND as an online etiquette for everybody —

    If you are adding a total stranger, be ready to give reasons when asked. Any reason will do. You owe that to the one you have added, after all.

  13. eblogger dit :

    libelous – accusations

    defamatory – use of term « officemate ». Kindly refer to Terms and Conditions page

    threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities – blog entry deletion to avoid conflict had been requested but the blog owner did not take responsible action steps as requested. It is also evident in the above mentioned blog comments that personal conflicts were already incited

    does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party
    – there is a violation of privacy in this blog

  14. cerise dit :


    I already reported this blog since you are already acting like a child posting misunderstandings that you should have resolved as a 24 year old adult man in the first place.

    Asking for your friend’s help to attack me just to prove me wrong is such a lame action. If you are a true man, be man enough to face your problems. Resolve problems like a man. A true man will not deal with things indirectly such as posting a defamatory blog to incite violence and threats of libel.

    You can research and recheck your email ethics against graduate schools, ethics organizations, email ethics books and you will find the same explanation:

    * Do not use CC and TO field if you don’t want to disclose recipient information – this rule is available all over the web, that is why BCC is for .

    * Use CC and TO field if you are sending to a group with common interest of the subject, which is the start of an email trail wherein all recipients can reply to all about the subject matter and give their feedback to the members of the group.

    I have told you several times just to delete the blog entry but to no avail.

    Now that you got my attention, I escalated the violation of terms to since I am not your mother to teach you how to grow up nor do I have any relationship with you that I should stick with your misconduct. It’s not my responsibility to teach you as you are old enough to know what you are doing.

    I am just and fair as always, I defended your actions before because your action that time was right and I reprimanded you now because what you are doing now – posting this kind of blog and not bothering to delete it after several request for deletion, is wrong.

    It is so sad that after all the corruption, injustice and unfairness you have seen, you chose to be corrupt as well like some of your friends and people around you.

    At the end of the day, it is your choice to change for the better, or you may choose to be stubborn and insist your pride and cause more damages and threats among the people around you. It is also your choice to act like a man or act like a gay in dealing with problems.

  15. Michael dit :

    Using the term « officemate » (or colleague/co-worker) is not defamatory and cannot be considered harmful unless the former officemate mentioned is not actually a former officemate (which makes the statement misleading or false) or mentioning a very generic description is already considered a public disclosure of private fact. Related information could have been kept private if only the commenter were sensible enough.

    While the blog entry is an opinion that expresses disappointment and not an outrage that invites violence, someone proudly posted the private information of other people, thereby attempting to create chaos (In the first place, adding a stranger online and attacking her is an attempt to that effect). The blogger did his part by protecting the private information of his friends that had been exposed in the comments.

  16. cerise dit :

    Why attack the officemate if what the blogger posted is just a mere opinion and not a factual truth?

    If anyone says that this blog is just for the purpose of opinion then other commentators must also respect the opinion of the officemate and refrain from attacking the officemate.

    This blog is a bullshit. The blogger himself may also post as a commentator.

    If I no longer reply to this blog, it is because I got sick and tired of this crappy blog that shouldn’t be posted in the first place. I don’t have time to follow-up with about this incident as I have more meaningful things to accomplish in my life with sensible people of integrity.

    I reported this blog already, it is up to the blog owner to make a choice to act immaturely and wait for the time this blog is suspended or act maturedly and delete the blog to avoid further conflicts.

    If wordpress is too busy to take action on this blog, then this will serve as a proof of what kind of character the blog owner and his friends has. Never a regret on my part.

    Even if 80% percent of the people insist on what is wrong, 20% will still stand for what is right, and 100% of them knew in their hearts what is wrong.

    Read and you learn
    Grow and you learn
    Choose and you learn

    It is a fact that jerks and b*tches gets along well. Sorry I’m not part of your crowd – just my opinion.

  17. Razor (HI MICHAEL!!) dit :

    Most interesting.

    This Cherry person insists almost religiously that:

    * Use CC and TO field if you are sending to a group with common interest of the subject, which is the start of an email trail wherein all recipients can reply to all about the subject matter and give their feedback to the members of the group.

    … Almost as though it’s some sort of maxim and you are mandated by the hand of God to reach out to everyone in the CC section of an email.

    To me, it sounds like someone’s being a little nosy, maybe a little lonely– maybe even a little stalkerish?

    A little stalkerish with the brain of a beef jerky. Suffice it to say that I doubt there’s much gray matter in that food group.

    Seriously though, this Cherry person just sounds like someone obsessed with Steven (I mean, who floods someone else’s blog with haphazardly typed comments in what looks like a flurry of emotion?) and this other person (Angel) mentioned in the banter.

    This is amusingly childish and really much more entertaining than TV. I wonder if this Cherry person has a life outside of stalking Steven. I guess the time it takes for her to reply to this comment is a good indication? *wink wink*

    Although I can admit to sounding a little crass and out of line, I have to say that this too funny for me to just overlook with civil back-and-forth.

    OH! And I forgot to mention that I find it absolutely fascinating that this Cherry person actually tried to shut this blog down. Now tell me that’s not pathetic.

  18. Kat dit :

    I do not know Flora, M, Michael, and Razor but I have to agree with these people who sympathize with Angel.

    IF sending e-mails with a lot of recipients shows common interest, adding someone from the contacts displayed in the e-mail (with a French song) should therefore indicate that Cherry is interested at the specific Francophone artist, the French-language songs, the French language, or the francophone culture in general. Considering that there is a need to improve her English and there is a confession that she is not interested anymore at learning French, these only add up to her lame excuses. It is obvious that she never wanted to directly answer why she is adding Angel on Yahoo Messenger and Facebook. She could have mentioned that they have a common interest (which she presumed to be Steven?).

    If a person wants to add someone as a business contact, Linkedin is the right place (She does not know Angel’s job, unless she is stalking for that detail too?). If it is for social networking, Facebook is the right place (and yes, I was kind enough to accept her friend request). If it is for finding specific topics to discuss about, online forum sites are available.

    « Giving the contact of A to B » means personally giving the e-mail address of A to B and asking Person B to contact Person A for a specific useful purpose, particularly a mutual benefit, analogous to giving a calling card of someone and hoping the recipient to contact the other person. On the other hand, getting a certain contact from a received e-mail with a lot of unknown co-recipients is not an example of this because it is analogous to dialing numbers from a phone directory or secretly peeking at someone’s calling card. By claiming that Steven « gave » Angel’s contact to her, she is purposely giving misleading information.

    If she added his friends in Facebook, they would not react violently because it is a social networking site, not an Instant Messaging service. While adding a stranger is normal (more so if the person who is adding is polite enough), a socially sensible person would not be in favor of the practice of adding strangers randomly. A social networking site is for establishing meaningful connections, not just many but less established connections. Only desperate and antisocial nerds prefer quantity of online friends over quality.

    Hasn’t she realized why she is the only recipient of the other songs? Her overanalyzing mind presumed that it was specially for her, but she didn’t realize that his other friends have those songs already so they don’t have to receive those again.

    Applying the Pareto principle: Only the vital few (the top 20%) contribute to the right reasoning. The trivial many (the remaining 80%) is just trash talk. In fact, you don’t have to do a lot blabbering if you are right.

    It is certain that WordPress will never entertain her request to delete this blog. In the first place, everything happened here was her choice and she has to deal with it. As one would notice, Steven was not even doing anything. I would have done the same.

  19. Kat dit :

    When I once thought I am the only one experiencing this kind of interrogation from this Cherry, I was not aware that she also tried to do the same thing to another person. So I guess it’s time for Steven to be informed about Cherry’s very malicious conversation with me on Facebook:

    Hi Kathleen, you look very familiar.

    I hope you won’t mind if I ask if we have common friends.

    Are you working at ABS-CBN? Do you know **** ******?

    Are you the girlfriend of Steven de Guzman?



    Hi Kathleen,

    Just a confirmation, may I ask if you and Steven has a relationship?
    I saw your pictures with him, and the 2 of you seemed to be very close.
    I’ve been dating with Steven this January and sometime last week I interrogated him if he is courting you because I saw your pics in his friendster and YM. But his reply is no:

    cher (2/7/2009 12:39:14 PM): sa dami dami ng pictures mo bakit yan?
    cher (2/7/2009 12:40:40 PM): « friends » lang kayo with meet the parents?
    Steven (2/7/2009 12:41:23 PM): hay naku!
    Steven (2/7/2009 12:41:34 PM): i display pictures of my friends
    cher (2/7/2009 12:41:49 PM): special friends?
    Steven (2/7/2009 12:42:12 PM): no, friends lang talaga

    I already decided to end our date because I just felt may kasabay akong ibang girl na liniligawan niya at the same time. Ayaw ko kasi ng ganun. May delicadeza naman ako and babae rin ako I know how hurting it is if may third party involved.

    No worries, I don’t want to interefere in your relationship if ever.
    I just want some clarification para hindi naman ako hanging. In fact I already told Steven na rin that I will be open myself for other possibilities and asked him to stop texting me. Recently hindi ko lang maintindihan bakit niya ako inaway about some trivial issue.

    I hope you could provide me a kind reply, so I can move on with peace of mind. You may opt not to inform Steven na rin about my inquiry para hindi rin masira ang relationship ninyo.

    Thank you and God bless,


    we and steven have been friends since college. and no, we are so NOT together. i’m in a relationship with him. my boyfriend is also in my facebook you can check it out you can even ask him. his name is [boyfriend’s name].

    ?? you are in a relationship with him at the same time you have a boyfriend??

    Thanks Kath for your reply,

    Whether or not it’s a typo in your reply, I have my own observations on what is happening around.

    I have decided to step out of the situation and refrain from dealing with Steven anymore to avoid complications.



    that was obviously a typo 🙂

    don’t know why i’m such a threat and you find boy-girl relationships so malicious. me and steven are friends, and nothing else.

    Hi Kath,

    I hope you don’t judge me of being malicious. I just said I have my personal observations and I just made a decision to step out to avoid complicating things.

    Malicious refers to flirting verbally and flirty actions. Anything that involves flirting is malicious. If you say you are friends, then so be it.

    Thanks for your clarification. I hope to let this issue die down. I believe we no longer need to discuss since you already answered my question.




    For me, malicious means:

    1) Contacting a stranger to talk with a presumption that is full of mischievous motives, then to make a big fuzz out of an ordinary situation (that nobody else even questioned ever). In fact, my boyfriend knows my friends and he wouldn’t mind posting pictures with college friends.

    2) Implying that Steven and I are flirting!

    3) Presuming that my friend actually courted more than 1 person at the same time when he is open enough to admit to everyone that he is NOT looking for a relationship and he’s busy with a lot of other things (work, study, etc). If he was really dating/courting someone, I am sure that he would be straightforward enough tell it to his friends, including me, and straightforward enough to tell the person DIRECTLY that he wants to have a romantic relationship with her.

    When he says no, he means NO. I do not have to see the transcript of the actual conversation. He is not courting anyone now. Not the hallucinating Cherry (self-explanatory), not this Angel (who has a boyfriend), and definitely not me (duh!). Obviously, Cherry just wanted to be a part of his « crowd » but she’s calling his crowd « bitchy ». Is this because she is the bitchy one who wants to get along very well with him, after all?

  20. cerise dit :


    Sino ba ang kasama mo sa pictures? Si Steven o boyfriend mo? I just asked questions in a very courteous way, not the bitchy way angel asked questions to me.

    I don’t have anything more to reply to your stupid comments, you won’t understand it anyway. Hindi kaya ng IQ mo.


    Go ahead ask your girl friends to post more stupid comments in your stupid blog.

    The lawyers, who fortunately are 50 year old guys will enjoy reading this and will evaluate your ego problem.

    So what if Angel has a boyfriend? What does that have to do with the adding contacts issue of your « French class »? And why did Angel interrogated me in a rude manner for adding her?

    « I have my own observations on what is happening around.

    I have decided to step out of the situation and refrain from dealing with Steven anymore to avoid complications. »

  21. cerise dit :

    My social responsibility is limited to reporting to wordPress the damage this blog is causing.

    WordPress is not liable for any damages done among friendships as a cause immature behavior and opinions per their disclaimer even if it took them more time to evaluate a blog.

    It is the responsibility of the blog owner, who has the authority to delete blog entry posts and comments to ensure a harmonious blog commentaries.

    It is also the responsibility of Steven to mediate between friends and officemate who are arguing, since he is the common denominator.

    At the end of the day, he is the key person who could provide the explanation why he sent the email to the French Class with TO: and CC: fields and the ********** as one of the emails in CC: fields

    People who are IRRESPONSIBLE DO NOT DO ANYTHING – even if they are in the position to do something about it.

    Grow up kids!

  22. Steven's Girlfriend dit :


    A person’s personal blog space is his own. Whatever is on it is free for interpretation by anyone who reads it.

    In the first place, YOU IMPLICATED YOURSELF by saying that YOU ARE THE OFFICE MATE. If you did not want to sensationalize this particular blog entry and did not want to be the subject of ridicule, you should have just kept your comments to yourself.

    So it’s your own fault really, when you think about it. WordPress would be stupid to consider your « complaint » when it’s so obvious that YOU STARTED THE DAMAGE THIS BLOG IS SUPPOSEDLY CAUSING YOU. Check the comments—you’re the first in line.

    YOU ARE THE IRRESPONSIBLE ONE, not Steven. Don’t blame Steven for not « protecting » you. He already did by not naming you in the blog to begin with. You were the one who made a choice by declaring to the world and in this blog that YOU ARE THE ONE BEING TALKED ABOUT. If you think he is not a man and he doesn’t have a backbone for not protecting you against those who you call bitches… he actually is standing for his friends (THEM) who are right and ignore irritants (YOU).

    Okay, nothing is stopping you from adding everyone listed in a forwarded email. By all means, do that if you wish. HOW A PERSON REACTS TO YOUR ADDING THEM IS NOT UP TO YOU TO CONTROL OR JUDGE.


    You can’t expect ALL people to like you. Especially people who don’t fuckin’ know you.


    Shempre hindi. Kasi ako ang girlfriend niya. Bobo.

    You are obviously delusional.

  23. Rai dit :


    Leche ka, kala ko pa naman matino ka! Dami mo pala chicks!

    😛 😛 😛

    Seriously, TAMA NA YAN, INUMAN NA!



  24. eblogger dit :

    Steven’s girlfriend?

    Now it’s clear what kind of girl Steven wants. Good for Cherry, she’s right. She has a good standard.

    Like the later comment, hindi matino si Steven, mukha lang sigurong matino.

  25. Steven's Girlfriend dit :


    Steven likes women who know how to take a hint and know how to just stop obsessing about a blog entry (NOT CHERRY).

    Steven likes women who don’t assume that he has feelings for them (NOT CHERRY).

    Steven likes women who don’t manually send blog entry updates to his email just so he will read them (NOT CHERRY).

    Steven likes women who are computer savvy enough to KNOW HOW TO TRACK DOWN AN IP ADDRESS AND KNOW THAT EBLOGGER IS ALSO…HMMMM I DON’T KNOW…CHERRY? 😛

    Geez, Cherry (or whoever friend of yours you are asking to comment here on your behalf). If this blog entry refuses to DIE, it’s because of YOU. Stop asking Steven to delete his blog through text…it’s getting too pathetic. People are starting to forget about you and your « tarnished » reputation, but you keep coming back here for more.

    Get a life. Find a new guy who can make you feel loved the way you want to be loved. Move the f on. SERIOUSLY.

  26. cherry dit :

    I did not visit this blog for quite sometime inspite of the rumors i get as this blog is full of bullshit. Look at the dates of my posts.

    This blog will never die because Steven wanted this blog to live. As long as it is posted the damages are just getting worse. It is Steven’s responsibility.

    Steven will never pass my standards because he is immature, lame, irresponsible and does not know how to be a man.

    This blog was a simple issue of the ****_*****_* complaining that she was added at YM, where in fact I never sent her a massage. She was rude enough to ask impolitely stupid questions and Steven is also rude not to hear my side and he assumed that I am the one who is impolite, inspite the fact that the conversation log obviously displays that angel is rude.

    Steven don’t have a stand for what is right. He doesn’t have the backbone to say that « Cherry is right ». He wanted his stupid girl friends or girlfriends to do work for him in proving me wrong instead – clearly in this blog.

    Steven is suffering from severe ego problem and he wanted to satisfy his ego by flaunting girls in his blogs and pictures. Steven flirts with girls.

    Hindi porke nanliligaw serious. Meron girl na may boyfriend pero nakikipag-flirt pa rin sa « friend » and that is possible. There are people na kahit nga may asawa na nanliligaw pa rin ng iba. Are you so damn stupid not to know these facts?

    It was a fact rejected Steven several times because of his immaturity and I would never like to be a girlfriend of a jerk like him and none of you should assume that I am assuming.

    Good for you Steven’s girlfriend, if you are really the girlfriend, that you found your match. You too will surely enjoy each other’s immaturity.

    Get a life? If you want me to get a life then don’t destroy my life by posting stupid things in this blog.

    So why is it that Steven don’t want to delete this blog? To show to people that he has communication with me? To destroy my reputation and career?

    What is the motive of Steven in posting this blog? To make it appear that I am the one who is at fault instead of Angel? To cover up his ego problem because he sent a stupid email to me with other people copied and he made a stupid decision listening to the stupid complains of Maan Angel ******?

    Why does Steven ask his girl friends to visit his blog and tell them stories about me so they can post comments to attack me?

    Why does Steven ask his girlfriend (or pretended to be the girlfriend whatever) to do the comment posting instead of himself resolving the problem? Gawain ba ng matinong lalaki yan?

    Steven is not a man, having girlfriends does not make a man.

  27. Steven's Girlfriend dit :

    You don’t know me personally. I don’t know you personally. The people reading this blog don’t know you personally. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. REALLY.

    This blog is not controversial enough to ruin your reputation and career because none of us really know anything about you. There are a million girls named Cherry, and you are only one of them. BE CONTENT WITH THE FACT THAT YOUR IDENTITY IS STILL INTACT. Well, to begin with, ikaw naman naglaglag sa sarili mo by admitting na ikaw ang ipinapahiwatig ng blog na’to, pero hayaan na natin ang katangahang ‘yon. Umawat ka na, sayang naman ang pagiging « anonymous » mo.

    If Steven is immature as you say, then be MORE MATURE by turning your back on this blog and not caring about what other people say about you. WE DON’T KNOW YOU. Why give a damn about what we think diba? Be more mature and stop asking Steven to delete his blog. The more you care about this blog existing, the more you admit that what this blog says is true. STOP ADMITTING TO THINGS YOU DON’T WANT TO ADMIT.

    If Steven does NOT THINK YOU ARE RIGHT, you can’t do anything about it. You can call him a coward, a jerk, and not a man, but you still can’t change his mind about not standing up for you. He chose his side, so let him be.

    Just because he is no longer replying to your comments and just because I am does not mean I am fighting his battle. I only replied here because I wanted you, CHERRY, to know na AKO ANG GIRLFRIEND, hindi ikaw. HINDI KA NIYA NILILIGAWAN kahit ano pa sabihin mo. Friendly does not mean flirtatious. I have many male friends, but that doesn’t mean they are all courting me and I am flirting with all of them. I am not stupid…I am just confident in my place as his girlfriend enough to allow him his space to make friends with girls if he wants. If ever, FRIEND ka lang niya non. Why you would think otherwise is still a mystery.

    Hindi ko talaga maintindihan WHAT MADE YOU THINK NILILIGAWAN KA NI STEVEN. Paki-explain. Seryoso. Nag-date ba kayo? Baka naman ikaw lang nag-iisip na date yun. Nag-profess ba siya ng feelings niya sayo? Baka naman nilibre ka lang ng lunch, akala mo may ibig sabihin na.

    Ikaw na nga lang may pakialam dito eh. It’s not like your bosses or co-workers or family members are likely to come here and read this and think badly of you. UNLESS YOU TELL THEM NA IKAW YUNG TINUTUKOY DITO. In that case, you’re a special kind of stupid because time and time again, you keep digging yourself a hole and jumping into it whole-heartedly.

    The motive of Steven posting his blog? His motive is to tell people about his day WITHOUT POINTEDLY NAMING NAMES to avoid tarnishing anyone’s rep. BAKIT KA BA KASI UMAMIN? BAKIT? BAKIIIIIIIT???? Yan ang tanungin mo sa sarili mo.

    Sa totoo lang, IKAW ANG SUMISIRA NG BUHAY NG TAO. Not only did you mention someone’s ym handle here, you also named a person’s full name. ANO ANG TAWAG SAYO?

    CHERRY, tama na ang kahibangan mo. Sayang ang load mo, itatapon na ni Steven ang sim niya kaya wag ka na magtext ng kung anu-anong kabalbalan. Naka-block ka narin sa email niya kaya wag ka na mag-hate mail.

    Aminin mo na kasi. IKAW lang ang apektado sa blog na’to. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Ang solusyon lang dun is to NOT CARE. Saka wag ka na umamin na ikaw ang tinutukoy sa blog na ‘to. Wag mo naren ipagkalat sa workplace mo na ikaw ang tinutukoy sa blog na’to. Pati naren sa pamilya mo.

    You will see. Pretty soon, this will all blow over. Next time, alam mo na ang gagawin pag may nag-post ng blind item:

    The end.

  28. cherry dit :

    Ianasmuch as I don’t want to waste my time in this stupid blog, people will see this blog and rumors will reach my ears – which is what Steven wants that is why he kept this blog here instead of deleteing it.

    Steven is immature and irresponsible – passing the ball of his responsibility to me where in fact it is only his sole responsibility to delete this blog to stop the issue.

    The blogger is stupid as well as his friends diverting the issue that Steven was a jerk posting a blog about « impoliteness of adding a contact at yahoo » and relating is to personal issues of dating and courtship.

    Steven, you say you already have a « girlfriend » and you say you already let go, why don’t you delete the blog? So why are you tryi

    Steven’s ultimate motive here is just to seek the attention of people as you are in dire need of attention and at the same time destroy my reputation just to cover up your incapability to do what is right.

    You are just manipulating people and issues to prove me wrong. You are not a person of character.

    You can stay stubborn and never delete this blog.

  29. cherry dit :

    Psycho-analysis of Steven’s girlfriend per statements above:

    1. immature like Steven
    2. no character like Steven
    3. meddlesome women – like Steven’s girl friends
    4. attitude problem – like all of them
    5. no etiquette – the language – like Steven’s girl friends
    6. insecure like Steven
    7. unprofessional like Steven
    8. irresponsible like Steven, does not understand what responsibility is all about
    9. cannot accept and admit that she made a mistake – like Steven
    10. palengkera

    You got your girl Steven, if this is true. Then move on and delete this blog – if at least you have some concern that your « girlfriend » is freaking out because of my comments too. Kawawa naman ang girlfriend, « palengkera » na dahil dito sa blog.

    I told you long ago that the only right thing to do about this blog is to delete it but you never wanted to face the reality like a man. Because you are not reaaly man enough to do things the right way.

    I admit I got suprised of the people I encountered in this blog; with the reasonings they provided, very barbaric at parang mga walang pinag-aralan.

    Asa ka pa Steven. Ang pangit ng ugali mo at ng mga kaibigan mo. You may never delete this blog the same way my perception about you will never change.

  30. cherry dit :

    A gentleman and boyfriend who truly loves his girlfriend will never allow his girlfriend face the argument with a person he has conflict with.

    A true friend will never mislead his friends.

    A true friend will correct a friend who is at fault, not blindly defend him and help him cover up his mistake and encouraging him to do what is wrong.

    A manipulator equates to a traitor.

    You dare talk about relationships you don’t even know what relationships are all about.

    Look at how Steven « used » his girl friends / girlfriends to cover for him and defend him in this blog. It’s such a pity.

  31. Steven's Girlfriend dit :

    Ikaw ang pitiful, kasi hanggang ngayon affected ka paren sa blog na ‘to. Ikaw na nga lang comment ng comment eh.

    STOP. If you believe na Steven is not a true friend, then he is not YOUR true friend.

    May pa-psycho analysis analysis ka pa, parang wala kang mali to begin with. Ikaw nga ‘tong nag-aassume na « suitor » mo si Steven. Pasalamat ka di niya pinopost dito mga text message mo sa kanya. You don’t even know me, yet you comment on how I don’t know squat about relationships. Ako na nga ‘tong umaamin na I don’t know you enough to judge you, ikaw pa ‘tong may ganang mag-lecture. I was trying to help you and make you see the fact that the issue of this blog tarnishing your reputation is STUPID.


    YOU STARTED ALL THIS. You commented on his blog, exposed yourself by revealing that it is YOU he is talking about and launched all the « attacks » against you and your character.

    YOU STARTED ALL THIS. You commented on his blog, exposed yourself by revealing that it is YOU he is talking about and launched all the « attacks » against you and your character. YOU ARE KEEPING THIS BLOG ALIVE, not Steven.

    YOU STARTED ALL THIS. You commented on his blog, exposed yourself by revealing that it is YOU he is talking about and launched all the « attacks » against you and your character. YOU ARE KEEPING THIS BLOG ALIVE, not Steven.

    Inulit ko lang in case di mo pa nabaon diyan sa makitid mong utak.

    YOU STARTED ALL THIS. You commented on his blog, exposed yourself by revealing that it is YOU he is talking about and launched all the « attacks » against you and your character. YOU ARE KEEPING THIS BLOG ALIVE, not Steven.

    Sige, mag-comment ka pa. Ask Steven again to delete this blog. Para lalo kang magmukhang tanga at lalo niyang i-ignore yung comments mo at lalo niyang hindi tatanggalin ang blog na ‘to.

  32. Steven's Girlfriend dit :

    hahahahahaha o tapos? kunwari i’m supposed to find out na may picture siya with someone else on his account? 😐

    magbabarkada kaya kami nina kat. :))

    sorry nalang, failed attempt.

  33. comment dit :

    stupid girlfriend

  34. comment dit :

    He likes kat more than anyone else. that is why he posts the pic!

    Steven is a flirt and as stupid as his girlfriends!

  35. Steven's Girlfriend dit :

    Only losers like you will keep commenting bullshit, changing names, and coming back here when it’s obvious that it’s ALL COMING FROM THE SAME COMPUTER.


    Hahaha. I can keep at this as long as you can.

  36. Steven's Girlfriend dit :

    IP ADDRESSES work wonders, you know.

  37. comments dit :

    Steven likes Kat but he courts (insincere courting and denies it if busted), dates and flirts with other girls while displaying his picture with the Kat.

    Steven does not display the picture of his girlfriend here or maybe Kat is his girlfriend who does not mention her name in the comments.

    Kat has another boyfriend but posts her pics with Steven too instead of her boyfriend.

    So much for your bullshit and immaturity. This is clear enough to prove each of your character to the friends using the same computer.

    I suggest that Steven stop dating other girls if he has hangups with Kat and Kat breakup with his boyfriend and Steven court Kat sincerely if he is a real man and stop bothering and affecting other people’s lives with your sick puppy love affair. Grow up!

  38. DUH! dit :

    Sino ka lang ba, Cherry? Kapal mo, as if naman Steven owes you some sort of explanation. Who gives a shit who his girlfriend is, kung sila ni Kat, or whatever? IKAW LANG MAY PAKI DUN.

    MOVE THE FUCK ON GIRL. Ngawa ka ng ngawa jan. Have some self respect and just STOP.

  39. cherry dit :

    This blog, along with it’s owner is very immature and is not worth my time.

    I stopped reading and replying to this blog for a very long time and it is obvious that Steven is the one who can’t move on and still keeps this blog alive.

    Steven with Kat or whosoever bitchy girls he will ask to reply. Then so be it.

    The character of Steven and his friends is clearly written on this blog.

    As long as Steven keeps this blog – only means he never wanted to grow up.

    It’s not my problem Steven, it’s your problem.

  40. chris dit :

    Thank you! That was the most entertaining read I’ve had in a while. Hilarious!

  41. katre dit :

    fascinating… it had been very entertaining to say the least ^_^

  42. tao sa tabi2x dit :

    anak ng tipaklong…
    si steven at si cherry nag-date (magsyota???)

    talaga naman… akala ko ba kawani ng kapisanan si steven… siguro may pumapatol talaga sa mga ganun…

    tsk tsk tsk…

    nasuka ako… di ko kinaya…
    sentisib masyado ang sikmura ko sa mga ganito…

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