Passed the Ateneo MBA entrance exam

and ranked 9th in the Ateneo MBA entrance exam despite the overtime work the previous night, the lack of sleep, waking up late, no breakfast, and no preparation.

I am good at Math BUT not under time pressure. On the bright side, I finished ahead of time in the reading comprehension, inference, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning. In the word analogy exam, I encountered the word « fluvial », which is supposed to be tricky, but I definitely know that la fleuve is just river in French. hah!

Someone (from a blue school) asked if my ego is now bloated. I simply said: « No, my ego is as flat as the world ». Who said LaSallians cannot excel in Ateneo? One big fight!


3 Responses to Passed the Ateneo MBA entrance exam

  1. flora dit :


    Your EGO = An INFLATED balloon (low density but the size is so big)

    Anyway, go ahead and establish your GREEN flag!

  2. grey dit :

    I happened to stumble upon your blog. Was it hard? Im a laywer and thinking of taking mba. Hehehe. I dont know though if this is a good idea.

    • stevenin dit :

      First, the exam is definitely NOT hard. You may feel that it is not too easy, but nobody actually fails the exam. They are lenient about the results because MBA students may be out of school for a very long time and may not be used to exams (and the academic setting) anymore. I am very sure that you will pass, so sure that I can bet my left kidney!

      Second, I actually decided to stop after taking some subjects. To be fair, I learned new things, but being a post-graduate program, I was expecting a more rigorous experience (I entered the Middle Managers program despite not having the 5 years of experience). I have the impression that it is easier than college-level subjects (at least the college-level business subjects in De La Salle University). I am not saying that it’s worthless, but I believe that the tuition is not worth the value offered by the program.


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