After some years in the professional world with people who claim that they are fluent in English, here are the top irritants that I encounter at work (and yes, even from the managers):

1) As per

Instead of using: according to, as stated in, in accordance with
Example: As per your request (As you requested)

Nobody uses this in casual conversation nowadays!

2) Irregardless

Instead of using: regardless, irrespective

Ir + less = double negation. Self-explanatory


17 Responses to Earbleed

  1. katre dit :

    well… « as per » could still be used you know ^_^ it depends on the type of letter you’re writing and the age group of the person reading it hehehe

  2. WILHELM dit :

    Steven, I can assure you both of your examples are used outside of the United Kingdom and the USA.
    I never heard anyone say either of those phrases you present.
    Maybe some people in other countries who never have been to England or to « America » consider this to be « American ».

  3. stevenin dit :

    Actually, I heard it only after graduating college, at WORK! My initial reaction to « as per » is « huh?! ».

  4. tao sa tabi2x dit :

    nakaka aliw talaga ang english… di ba?
    pilit natin sabihin na magaling tayo sa english, sa grammar, sa conversation…. so eeewwww pa man din…

    pero di ba? dapat magaling din sa pag-uunawa…

    kung sinabi as per… ibig sabihin ay sinabi ng iba o pinapaalam sa iyo na merong ibang pinanggalingan yun di ba?

    ang hirap kasi di ba? puro na lang grammar ang ini-intindi… mas important di ba? na maintindihan ang ibig sabihin ng buong nilalathala. wag dapat baguhin ayon sa gusto mo di ba? dapat ayon sa gusto nung naglathala…

    kapag pinagawa hagdan dapat gawin hagdan kahit sa english man o sa chinese o sa french sinabi yan di ba? ang tanong kapag nabasa mo ba yung maling english na inuutusan ka na gawin isang bagay.. ginawa mo ba o hindi… yun ang importante di ba?

    ganun dapat sa lahat ng bagay… di ba?

    teka.. ilang ulit nga ba ang nasulat ko na di ba? siguro naman maiintindihan mo na to di ba?

    • stevenin dit :

      @tao sa tabi2x (Rogelio Caga-anan, Jr.)

      You have clearly proven my point. Your message, despite being written in our native language (Tagalog has a highly phonemic orthography), is still full of misspellings and unorganized ideas. Proper communication requires the proper participation of BOTH parties: the sender and the recipient of the message. The sender of the message is required to convey ideas effectively. A sensible reader/listener with native-level English fluency (who would confirm that those two items are weird, regardless of sociolinguistic register) cannot be blamed for laughing at or being irritated at the people who would insist on promoting the unacceptable as the norm. Even if the recipient of the message may tolerate mistakes, it does not mean that the sender is right and he can repeat the same mistakes with the presumption that it is accepted.

      We are both in the Information Technology industry (and BOTH in American companies); you should know the importance of giving and receiving adequate information. Garbage in, garbage out.
      Garbage in: ambiguous information, inappropriate style.
      Garbage out: unnecessary thoughts, unwanted reactions, misinterpretations, unintended humor

      Yes, we may not have the same school for language education, but that is something that I will always be proud of. It is not my fault if you do not appreciate the value of communicating properly. I do not have to explain my point further. Just continue talking with your substandard notion of effective communication.

      • tao sa tabi2x dit :

        Correct. Ang mali kailan man di nagiging tama kahit pa na tinatanggap siya na ganun. Pede natin pilitin gawing tama yun.

        Sige nga pilitin mong matuwid ang english ng mga Japanese, mga Indian, mga Chinese, mga Russian, at iba pa… isama mo pa si Yoda!

        Andun na ako na dapat malinaw kung sa malinaw.

        Pero ang tanong ko ganito…
        Nung sinabihan ka ba na gawin mo isang bagay kahit mali mali pa ang pagkalathala sa english ay ginawa mo ba?

        Sa mga sinasabi mo kasi ayaw mong gawin kung hindi sumusunod dun sa gusto mong marinig. Bakit ikaw ba ang naguutos? Di ba inuutusan ka lang? Ang utusan pede magreklamo, pede magtanong pero kailan man di pede utusan ang amo.

        Kung gusto mo na ikaw ang magutus ng tama maging amo ka muna.

        Yun ang pinagiba mo sa mga naging boss mo. Boss sila.. utusan ka lang… sa mga sinasabi mo ngayon.. kailan man di ka talaga magiging amo. Kung papalarin man at maging amo ka, di mo rin mapipilit matuwid lahat ng tao. Ang dapat makibagay.

        Here is a parting question I hope is in the format that you can comprehend…
        When you were given an instruction by your superior even as it was not done in a manner by which you claim is correct, did you do it?
        How many times must your superior do follow ups before you even start doing the task? I believe this is the legacy you left behind.

        May mga taong nakakakilala sa iyo. Alam nila ang kaya mo at mas madami silang alam na di mo kaya gawin. Mapapaikot mo man ang isip at utak ng nakararami, meron pa ding mga taong alam na alam kung ano ang hindi mo alam.

      • stevenin dit :

        @tao sa tabi2x (Rogelio Caga-anan, Jr.)

        It is obvious that you, despite their expectations for you as a manager, are diverting the topic to an irrelevant issue. The original topic was about the proper usage of certain English expressions and the idea that I am irritated at them, and you instantly created topics out of thin air just to vent out your repressed feelings as an incompetent boss to a competent subordinate. Even until now, there are supposedly professional people who are coward enough to cheaply resort to ad hominem pseudoreasoning when it is not even necessary. You are implying that I would reject instructions if I am irritated at the grammar mistakes when it is already outside the scope of this particular blog entry. When a subordinate does not follow important instructions from the boss, it may also mean that the boss may not be capable of managing the team or implementing healthy standards consistently. A Neglect of Duty report may be issued, but this is formally discussed with the HR Department, not through your usual « trial by publicity » style. But to answer the questions: Yes, I would do the task assigned, assuming that the problems are grammatical issues that do not make the meaning incomplete, ambiguous, inconsistent, and self-defeating. Zero follow-ups if the input is adequate and the deadline is reasonable.

        Despite your supposed authority and academic/professional background, you are still incapable of presenting a valid analogy and presenting a logical statement as a proof. In China, Japan, Russia, and the rest of the economically stable countries, people are NOT expected to communicate in English, more so if they are not even working with American, British, Irish, or Australian companies. In this particular context, we are both working in American companies, and we both studied in a country where English is expected to be THE language of education, mass media, business, and government. I could have replied to you in French to further prove that I respect other cultures up to the point of mastering a foreign language in less than two years, but I don’t have to do that to prove that I deeply respect cultural diversity and the existence of multiple world languages while also following commonly accepted standards in communication.

        I cannot do anything about this, really, if someone who cannot even finish that alleged « Masters of Engineering » [sic] degree (without indicating the specialization) in a less reputable school « believes » the « legacy » of someone who is running for a Dean’s Lister status at one of the best graduate schools in the country, so I would rather not exert some effort discussing this further. I am trying my best to avoid helping you humiliate yourself.

        Next time, be more sensible.

  5. ehnoolnoolseebehnoondseebtseeg dit :

    Stevenin, I agree with you on this. It’s « Per » and not « As per » if people are decent enough to ask around. Let me also add the ubiquitous disregard for subject-verb agreement. Ugh, so exhausting.

    If people use « irregardless » and still question why you overtake them in getting opportunities such as yours, they should seriously think if it’s still worth keeping their defensive, useless, non-proactive, six-sigma-zero-belt hides.

    In fact, they should seriously consider buying a pre-school level grammar book – instead of posting a reply to this article in Tagalog. The most recent reaction, in Tagalog, just goes on to show the dirt of envy in corporate Philippines. No wonder they go through de ratage en ratage… so to speak.

    Here’s another example: « To HOWEVER stole the item, may your conscience bother you. » Something like this was actually sent by a leader (entre guillemets) – to a large group!

    What a sad world if those who carry the word « leader, » « supervisor, » or « manager » in their business cards are so bereft of any trait associated with leadership – or of, at the very least, a little bit of vigilance about their grammar.

    Someone posted a comment in one of those FB groups that grammar-centric types are fags. Well, better be a mec that lets himself be called a fairy, who tries his best when it comes to grammar+structure (even with just minimal fault), and who vigorously does women at night… than be a buffoon who has no care for grammar and who deserves nothing more than zero-movement in the corporate ladder until retirement.

  6. taokarin2x dit :

    Nakakatawa talaga ang tadhana akalain mong may nakakaalam at nakakakilala sa iyo at sa mga kabalastugang pinag-gagawa mo sa dati mong kumpanya lol…. :)):))

    Oh how life can be so fair and just. Even if you cover up your tracks, the hounds still pick it up.

    I guess the meaning of wysiwyg (What you see is what you get)does not apply to you. im guessing that your clean cut, very presentable and very good in speaking. Its now a rare combination to find a person with these traits and be good in applying it to work. Based on what was responded in the tread, what all you can do is just bitch about what should be done and not do what should be done.

    How sad that any institution can produce such people and these individuals. I fear that companies will get the short-end of the stick paying big money to people who cant meet the minimum requirements, on paper you may look like gold but in reality once they melt you its just lead (dead weight).

    Companies should test all applicants in theory & practical application with more weight to practical application (Experience) specially for those with working experience. Theoretical can be relearned and reviewed, but application cannot just be learned.

  7. tao_kaba dit :

    Tsssskkk!!!!! talaga lang ha?????? A person who is supposedly in the dean’s list does not suggest that you are a good employee who is capable. But there is a former janitor who worked his way taking night classes for High School and College and is now an Alumni of DLSU- Greenhills. That person is now the CEO of a very prestigious company. Why he became a CEO simple, he never got stuck with what should be, but worked with what was put on the table and slopwly influenced the people inside. You on the other hand will never achieve that, for one simple matter you think you are superior than most. I still believe that a person who can succeed as a simple employee regardless of stature in life and in education will be better than a person who thinks he/she is superior in stature or education but cant do/execute simple things. Example do the actual work instead of passing it on to someone else. In order to lead you must know what needs to be done and you should be prepared to execute it. Being a leader means you can show all sides of the dice not just one facet.

    Now-a-days the universities are putting out students that are good in speech, theory and looks. But how to actually apply them they suck terribly. It has been proven time and again by those who have graduated from STI, AMA (yung mga colleges dyan sa gilid-gilid) they are now all over asia, Germany, Canada most of them in very good positions. Their grammar is not that good as comparedto those from Ateneo, La Salle or UP, yet they have outclassed most graduates of DLSU, Ateneo or UP. You being an Ateneo Graduate student does not count for anything, yet more so if your job history proves that your just all talk and nothing else. This is the reality in the field of IT a person who can apply themselves causing the least negative commotion will go to the top and stay there. A person who causes commotion of the negative kind be it you are from DLS, Ateneo, UP or any high class university, is useless and will be let go by any organization who’s goal is to grow their business.
    E.G. There was a Graduate from Harvard (Valedictorian) in the mid to late nineties and was hired by Henry Sy, this person just kept on questioning methods that henry sy used to grow his company. End of it all this person lasted only two weeks he got fired. So in your case assess yourself carefully, you might be in the same boat as the harvard guy.

  8. stevenin dit :

    @taokarin2x/tao_kaba (being obviously the same person: Petronilo « Bong » Mendoza)

    This is obviously out of topic already, but there is a need to put your small mind (if any) in its proper place.

    Those are merely anecdotal exceptions that should not be stupidly generalized to the majority (e.g., « all over Asia, Germany, Canada », « they have outclassed most graduates of… », when it cannot even reach 50%. « very good positions » when we all know that goodness is a purely relative concept).

    It only shows the need for someone bitter to justify the self-proclaimed fame of his less reputable diploma from the College of Saint Benilde. You should not have studied at all if you do not see the value of an academic formation that maintains high standards anyway. Keep on thinking that way, and see that even in your late 30’s you haven’t achieved much.

    To validate your claim, you should provide the following information instead of using the gossip journalism approach:
    – name of the janitor and « the Harvard guy »
    – the « very prestigious company »
    – updated statistical data of STI/AMA alumni
    – employment in Canada/Germany/etc.
    – measurable proof that STI/AMA alumni have « outclassed » most graduates of The Big Three

    For your information:
    – it’s La Salle Greenhills, not DLSU-Greenhills. And it only offers HIGH SCHOOL, not college.
    – it’s « nowadays », not « now-a-days »
    – « an alumni » is incorrect. alumni is plural, alumnus is singular
    – tread is different from thread
    – the former HR head in our company is good but lasted for approximately a month. It only means that there is a mismatch between the person and the standards, but it does not directly mean that the person is not excellent enough to be comfortable with ANY standard, because as we all know, it’s the HR department’s standards that need significant improvement.

    Lastly, it is not my fault if you find me good-looking. You have the option to be presentable too, but you just did not do it.

    • tao_kaba dit :

      You are proving to be a person who is an opposite of what you are posing to be Mr. Steven *********. Apparently information about you is easily found out. It looks like you should not be taken seriously with regards to your claims. Your previous company was a forgiving company to sum it up with regards to you, they gave you several chances to prove yourself and apparently they had to let you go. Again the details cannot be revealed.

      I did say that I would post on your FB if you were right. With what I just found out I should not have put you on the list of my client for possible candidates, I am ashamed to have done that. Good thing though I told them of your background in terms of work and they ruled you out. Performance alone they already ruled you out and they told me that I should not include candidates who are just good in paper.

      I just saw your FB again, you are trully a low person. You put the picture of your former colleague without his consent. If facebook finds out that you are posting pictures of individuals without their consent you will be in trouble. I also saw your comment about the persons FB account. Here’s something that you might not know. If you are blocked by the user you wont be able to see his account, just so you know 🙂 dont spread out that its deactivated you might be the one that gets de-activated by violating certain policies of FB. Verbal wars is one thing but posting picture of people that you know without their consent is another.

      How sad the world is now. Posers too many of them. True people so rare (very rare).

  9. tao_kaba dit :

    Steve, here is another confirmation for you. I work at a head hunter organization. We just got confirmation about your actual stature Mr. Steven ********* with regards to your former employer, and it is not favorable to say the least to the point that you are no longer considered in the line up of one of the that wanted to get you. I cant disclose the details of what we found out but be careful how you represent yourself.

    Oh by the way one of the standards of any good headhunter is to check all your links & blogs to see your character. I find it hilarious that you are accusing I think one of your former office mates because of his physicallity & I think you also displayed his picture sleeping, but one thing you did not answer from the beginning was were you forth-coming when you were so called being pirated???? You concentrated on mocking this persons age & physical outlook, just so you can divert the attention from the real question at hand. That also says a lot of you and your capabilities.

    Just to inform you, from a legal point of view and HR point of view you can and will be terminated from your supposedly new job and possibly be sued by the company for mis-representation and falsification of documents.

    As a sensible HR Consultant what you have displayed by posting pictures of your former officemate sleeping is so immature of you and to think you say you are mature and intellectual person. Theguy might be sleeping but I cannot judge this person for this without finding out the facts. But I will contact your former office and ask about this person that you are making a mockery of. If I find out that you are right about this person I will post on your FB that this is true (Then you will find out who I am).

    In the IT industry its not about looks its if you can deliver what you say you can deliver.

    I will go out on a limb right now by saying that the person you’re making a mockery of, at the least has a very favorable standing compared to you and that this guy though not having the prestigious background that you have due to his experience can contribute in many aspects. Once I found out the details of that person I will also investigate who is telling the truth. Right now you Mr. Steven ********* is coming out so guilty and immature. For the person in that person his day will come, be it good or bad.

  10. stevenin dit :

    @tao_kaba (Petronilo « Bong » Mendoza)

    I am letting the « sensible HR consultants » read this to see that you should not be working in their field. If you are not hiding anything, why can’t you reveal your identity right now? In the first place, why are you so affected by this particular blog entry anyway?

    Real headhunters would just ignore the supposed job seeker’s profile if the background is not favorable, in order to entertain the next candidate (because they should be busy with headhunting), instead of keeping himself updated on a specific person and dedicating time to attack certain blogs under an anonymous identity. Why would you spend time on a specific person whom you think would not be considered for hiring anyway? Cost-benefit analysis. Spend your (very) limited time wisely. Move on.

    Kindly remove my name in that alleged headhunter organization (if any) because I never even expressed the slightest desire to be in that list. I cannot be associated with fakers who cannot even fake good English. Know the real meaning of « go out on a limb » before actually using it. Aside from the atrocious run-ons, there are so many offenders too: « with regards to », « says a lot of you », « office mates », « mis-representation », « got confirmation » (article?), « its » (apostrophe?), and using « i think » under certainty while using « will be » under uncertainty. Please, edit your professional profile at LinkedIn too.

    How can you be certain that the person being « mocked » has a favorable standing and my former company is a « forgiving company » if you even stated that you still need to contact my « former office » for confirmation of facts? From a purely economic perspective, that particular person (pretending to be a victim of mockery) should have received a higher salary because he is supposed to be important in the IT industry (or is this self-proclaimed?). However, with more than a decade of experience, I do not understand why one has to resort to that call center technical support representative position recently, with a smaller salary than many IT professionals. If you are also working in a headhunting firm, why can’t you find a better job for yourself, considering your decades of supposedly strong professional experience?

    And yeah, you (as a supposed third party) suddenly know that the rude person did not deactivate his account, but only blocked me. Next time, be consistent when you lie about your identity online. Your words show your actual intelligence and age.

    • tao_kaba dit :

      the response is written as a response for stevenin dit : 20/10/2009 à 13:18.

      Its really not nice when the original topic has been diverted right? isnt that what you did with the one that asked you a question from your FB regarding how you got your job? you diverted the conversation to the persons physicality??? How does it feel that this is done to you??? Really not good right????

      If you dish out something (like changing topic cause you cant answer it) and its also done to you then you should be sport enough when its done to you.

      by the way head hunters share information and databases you were recommended to us. Again based on paper you look good, which was a hard lesson for me and our team. We almost lost the account coz the client also does a background check. Lesson learned is check the working experience to ensure the person is trully qualified, that was my mistake & wont happen again.

      here is a question for you how sure are you that your work experience is favorable? again take a look at my response to your previous blog dated stevenin dit : 20/10/2009 à 13:18.

      Apparently you dont read all the responses in your blog. This will be my last entry.

      • stevenin dit :

        @tao_kaba (Petronilo « Bong » Mendoza)

        Between the two of us, it’s YOU who has been avoiding to answer questions and even hiding identity. Why does one have to hide his own Facebook account from a certain person?

        I did not change the topic. In fact, even if the rude Facebook question from the rude person hiding under the name « Jose Felicidad », a person who is OUTSIDE my friends list, is irrelevant from the original topic (a link to a certain article), I directly answered the nosy question. You did NOT ask me how I got my new job, but the relevant information was evident in my response. Read AGAIN: The company contacted me and I got the job offer a month before leaving the company. They even changed the original salary and position offered to a higher one. I even indicated the exact dates in my explanation. So, what question did I avoid? Or better, which part of my reply didn’t you understand?

        To prove that I can proudly answer ANY question and I am not hiding anything, I can also add further details regarding the application, such as how impressed the employer was, seeing a 94% in a time-pressured exam (I finished each section of the exam in less than half the allotted time) and realizing in the interview that I have more business knowledge than a 1994 BS Business Administration major in Computer Applications graduate from College of Saint Benilde’s School of Management and Information Technology (NOT from De La Salle University College of Computer Studies, a CHED Center of Excellence in Information Technology, accredited level III by PAASCU, that requires a 3.2 GPA for shifting). But in the end, these information should not matter to you, really, because whatever I would achieve in life does not affect your intelligence, wealth, happiness, and social importance (or the lack thereof).

        Lastly, it is not my fault if your numerous birthday candles end up to be more expensive than the cake itself, because I do not control your age, your intelligence, and the relation of the two. Just accept the fact that it’s either you are too old to be compared to my level or my accelerated knowledge and skills have simply surpassed you.

        To answer your last question, I consider my new work to be more favorable than my former work because it does not have the big old envious pig that I once encountered, and I can now pay for a trimester of my MBA just in a payday. But my level of satisfaction would only add to your bitterness. Just be happy that you will never see me again so you don’t have to compare your professional performance, educational attainment, communication skills, social intelligence, and economic importance to mine. My existence is irrelevant from yours. We should be both happy about what happened, so MOVE ON.

        As far as my knowledge is concerned, I did not miss any of your questions.

  11. Denise dit :

    Hi Steven!

    I recently just stumbled upon your blog because I searched the keywords « Alliance francaise de manille modules. » I absolutely adore it! I do not regret checking it out one bit! I’ve been studying in Alliance for two modules now, Dossier 4 and 5. I’m already enrolled for Dossier 6. I’m really excited! I was just wondering what level are you in? Your french is superb! I’m so jealous! Although my accent is very good, I have a problem remembering vocabulary 😮

    Regarding this topic: I am very strict in grammar as well. Whenever I write a paper for school (ADMU), I make sure that the grammar is correct. I proofread my papers at least thrice. I also always correct my friends when they say something wrong like the confusion in using « among » and « between » or when they type « your » instead of « you’re » and vice versa. Although you also made a few errors in your grammar (above), I still agree with you. I don’t like it when people do not write or speak well. It irks me to my very core. I think the reason why these people are attacking you is because you dropped names and they are probably threatened. I, on the other hand, like that you are very honest about all of this and I commend you for it.

    Oh by the way, do you know where I can download L’Auberge Espagnole and Jeux D’Enfants? I read your recommendation and I’d love to see them! I was so happy that I could read and understand them without having a hard time.

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