Negative experience with the AXA flexi protect direct insurance via Metrobank Philippines

Here is my feedback about my experience with AXA flexi protect direct insurance (Metrobank called me about this offer probably because they call all Metrobank Gold MasterCard holders):
1) Fishy method of inviting Metrobank credit card holders: Since I normally ignore unknown numbers on my mobile phone (a person can send a prior text message or explaining the need for the call after I missed it), they kept on calling the office phone for days instead.
2) Efficient application – no need for signature and documents. My voice was enough to validate the entire process. Of course, they have to do their best to attract more customers.
3) Fast charging to your credit card, but very late delivery of the policy.
I would have understood if they happened almost at the same time, but it didn’t happen that way. I was billed in the cut off just a week after the phone call, but the policy did not arrive. Because of this, three weeks after the phone call (or two weeks after they charged on my credit card), I decided to send them a message (through my Metrobank Direct account) asking to have my insurance cancelled instead. The policy arrived (at last!) just days after I sent my request to terminate my insurance.
4) Almost no barrier to entry (as stated above)… but there are a lot of barriers to exit. After a lot of follow-up e-mails (I have the impression that not immediately responding to e-mails and not forwarding it to the right person immediately is a delaying tactic), I eventually received a response:

Dear Mr. De Guzman:

Thank you for your email.

We wish to inform you that for us to process your request for the cancellation of AXA Insurance, a signed letter of request is requirement.  You may send the accomplished signed letter as an attachment to your email or fax it at AXA fax number 844 2317.

Moreover, please note that cancellation process takes 30 days from the date of receipt of the signed letter.

Please note that we are replying with a coded format.  This initiative aims to provide information security and protection to our customers.
We highly encourage you to indicate only the nature of your concern in the email subject and the last 10 digits of your card number in the body of your email when sending emails from Metrobank Card.

Should you have questions or require further assistance, please email us.  You may also call our 24-Hour Customer Service Hotline 8700 700, our domestic toll free number 1800 1888 5775 or our international toll free number international access code +800 8700 0707.

This case is recorded under CIMS issue number  4278420 .

Very truly yours,

Boots S. Lopez
Customer Service
Metrobank Card Corporation
A joint venture of Metrobank and ANZ
(A Finance Company) [MCC]
Mailing Address:
The MCC Center
6778 Ayala Avenue, Makati City

– inefficiency #1: I have to send a signed letter now, even if it was not necessary during the application
– inefficiency #2: 30 days to process a cancellation (so that I will reach another billing cycle and they can collect a premium for another month)
I replied to that e-mail with the following and did not get a response even after three follow up messages:
Hi,1) Cecille Grimaldo talked to me over the phone last March 30 and I was charged as early as the April 9 cut off. If  the processing is that fast, I do not agree with the condition that 30 days should be given as an allowance to reverse the process.2) I agreed to the offer over the phone without having to send a document (a signed document even), and I hope that the same efficiency will be offered during the cancellation.

3) I agreed to have this insurance while assuming that I would receive the policy first before I am being charged. However, it was delivered only after I requested to have the insurance cancelled.

Again, I would like my e-mail to serve as a formal request for the cancellation of the insurance.

Because of my bad experience with this AXA-Metrobank insurance, I would not recommend it to others. I am taking this as a potential sign of more unfair practices and inefficient claiming process.

70 Responses to Negative experience with the AXA flexi protect direct insurance via Metrobank Philippines

  1. Marius de Jess dit :

    Yes, that is the tyranny of big businesses, they just do anything that will get them money from unwary folks, then you have to put in time and trouble and heartache to reverse their exploitation of your incaution, at the cost of more expenses from your part.

  2. Deo dit :

    So is your insurance policy cancelled already?I’m about to do the same.

    • stevenin dit :

      Hi Deo, yes, the policy has been cancelled… but that’s because I was persistent via e-mail AND I also followed their instruction to fax them a signed copy.

      When you send a document via fax, call them before and after sending. To be sure, it is better to ask for the verbal confirmation of the receipt of your document (Otherwise, they might pretend not receiving it and not cancel the policy right away haha)

      In fairness, I am not criticizing their insurance policy. I just think that their method of inviting people AND the difficulty of getting out of it (compared to the fast application) is sneaky.

  3. Lala dit :

    Just got a call from Metrobank AXA also. Their health benefits were enticing, same premium monthly until you stop with them, they didn’t bother if you’re a smoker/non smoker. When it came to the part that they asked to confirm my birthday, I told the lady caller that before I give her my personal details, I wanted to validate their program first over the Metrobank/AXA website and that she can call back in an hour or the next day. I asked her for an email or a website I can go to, but she just thanked me and said bye bye.

    • tweeky dit :

      hi lala. the lady the you have spoken with must be a telemarketer and emailing and calling back prospects are maybe not allowed by their own rule. ha ha. metrobank should sever it’s tie up with axa; it’s ruining their name.

  4. Hanna dit :

    Hello Sir. Did they return all the amount that was billed to you?

    • stevenin dit :

      Of course NOT. Due to the unnecessary back-and-forth of e-mails and their initial resistance to cancel the contract via e-mail, I was billed for three months instead of just one or two.

  5. joan dit :

    i want to cancel was only 30 minutes when i got their call, and reading your article, i want to cancel it asap…. and guess what, i still need to send a letter too

    • stevenin dit :

      I don’t think you should cancel just because of my experience — we may have different needs. To be fair to AXA, I think that the insurance that they are offering is not a scam… it’s just that, I believe that insurance companies should show transparency and fairness in their business practices, instead of misleading customers to close more deals faster.

      • tweeky dit :

        insurance companies in the philippines make desperate moves to get clients bec. we are not like those first world countries who prioritize insurance for the reason that we prioritize basic need first.

      • stevenin dit :

        I agree. Investments (e.g., stock market or mutual funds investments) and insurance are not yet very popular in the Philippines, unlike in the US.

  6. joan dit :

    do you have a copy of your letter? can i have a soft copy so il just forward it to them. thanks!

  7. Jen dit :

    I was offered too with this insurance yesterday and agreed to process my application.But after an hour of sharing it with my colleagues i realized that I misunderstood the payment method.

    I dont know how to confirm if my application is successfully processed as of today.I dont have also the policy number as it is the requirement in axa hotline in order to verify the status of my membership. I called metrobank hotline and they said if it reflects in my next statement, it is successful. And that’s what I dont want to happen.

    I want to cancel it because i didnt understand clearly the payment method. Im afraid i cant afford to pay it with my current payables. Please let me know the details to whom i can send the cancellation notice.. can i send it in any axa branch here in the phil? and yes i prefer to fax it so i can ask for a receiving copy. as much as possible i dont want it to reflect in my statement for this month.

    please help. thank you.

    • stevenin dit :

      The best thing to do at this point is to call AXA about the cancellation process (particularly, where to fax the signed document). Do this as soon as possible so that they can’t charge you for another month. After sending the fax, call them again to confirm that they received it (so that, just in case, they cannot pretend that they didn’t receive anything from you).

      • Ehms dit :

        I did the same today. I faxed the signed cancellation letter and called them afterwards but then the customer service rep told me she will endorse this to concerned department so it wil take 24 to 72 hrs… i need to call them again on friday for follow up. GRABEEEE, tagal ng cancellation pero bilis lang ng inenroll.. what’s the best thing to do now. ?

  8. Emman dit :

    OMG i was also offered and i agreed. i thought it was just a promo or something and have no other option but to agree. the telemarketer was very persistent!

  9. Rlyn dit :

    I got the same insurance. In my case, i did not have any delay in receiving my policy. It was delivered to me fast. I was not able to count the days, but what i remember is that the policy was delivered to me before i got charged. Maybe because of the cut off period of the card. I have been paying it for 15 months already.

  10. rene jay dit :

    Hello Sir,

    If ever I cancel my metrobank credit card by default would that also terminate my insurance policy?

    • stevenin dit :

      As you can see, I haven’t experienced that particular scenario. Why don’t you send them an e-mail? If you want to cancel both, you can always provide a cancellation notice for each (i.e., one for the insurance, one for the credit card) instead of hitting two birds by the same stone, just to be sure.

  11. Rei dit :

    Hi sir stevenin may i ask the contact number and the email address that you had contacted? I also want to cancel my enrollment with this insurance. Please help 😦

  12. Jen dit :

    I have a similar experience. The reason I agreed to enroll for the insurance was because I have been told that I am not obliged to pay every month. I would only have to pay for the insurance if I used my credit card. I was told that I would receive the policy in 20 days. Had I not called and told them about cancelling the policy, the would not have sent it. I was informed that when the policy was first delievered, no one was available to pick it up. I find that hard to beleive since there is always someone in my house.

    I used my credit card for the next two months after I enrolled for the insurance. On the third month, I did not use my credit card and when I checked my online statement of account , I was surprised to see that I have to pay for the insurance! I called Metrobank customer service and I was turned off because I was advise to call AXA directly to quickly resolve the issue. I felt that they were not willing to help me. Metrobanck acted as a third party and faciliated the process of getting AXA customers to buy their insurance and yet they cannot do the same for their customers. While I understand that calling AXA would be the quickest way to solve the issue, still I turned to Metrobank for help because they were the once who sold the insurance to me. They should be accountable for all the transactions between them and their customers, not passing the issue to AXA.

    I am now thinking of cancelling my credit card because of this

  13. sinta dit :

    Can I ask for the email address where I should send a letter requesting for cancellation? Please anyone who knows the email address and telephone number.

    Thanks and best regards,


  14. joby dit :

    Hi i am currently working in MCC ( metro family protect). I was very disappointed na ganun pala kami mag bebenta ng insurance sapilitan at d ibababa ang phone hanggat d nababangit ni card holder ang magic word na « YES » ( TO some agent’s questions and declaration)… Im about to resign na rin pero hntayin ko na lang matapos contract ko till December. I feel sorry sa mga nagkaron ng prob about sa unaware card holders na nakapag avail na pla sila ng insurance.. The reason kung bakit sobrang pilit ni agent na makapag avail si card holder kasi may quota( 5) kami or else walang sahod or materminate.. How ever hndi nman sya fraud.. Ang mali lang ung way of approach na ginagamit, ung tipong niililito ka lang. Mas masarap magbenta kung aware at buong puso tatanggapin ni card holder ung services na inooffer.. To all card holders out there payo lang wag basta basta agree ng agree hanggat d maliwanag ang lahat.. Dont u ever say YES sa last 2 questions. 🙂

  15. ruby dit :

    Yes maam joby. I was also a victim of this fast transactions. At first all i thought the insurance(metro family protect) is a reward from Metrobank to card holders. Too late i agreed at the end of the call.Please tell me what to do. I cant afford to pay that much since I’m only recieving 10k a month with 3 children to feed.

  16. Jenny dit :

    I have similar experience but may I ask what if they still did not cancel it and also still charge this to me in my credit card statement, where can I complain or file a case? Thanks!

  17. Jenny dit :

    Also what’s the subject of your email when you sent your request for cancellation?

  18. Jenny dit :

    Nevermind, I just cancelled the card and will gonna pay the amount in full. I don’t think I have to pay for the bullsh*t insurance.

  19. 09198195426 dit :

    I have the same experience with Metrobank Family Protect under Charter Ping An, WARNING : never ever say yes to their offer. After reading their policy which was sent after the first bill of monhtly premium , i was really disappointed. (They were quicker to bill their clients than to send the documents). According to their policy most possible causes of death or accidents are not covered by the insurance . As if all their clients should die naturally to be able to get the insurance.. My fault was i was easily convinced by the sales rep,a lesson learned well. I am posting my experience to warn others to be very very careful when saying yes to a telephone call. from these people.

  20. Jenny dit :

    Hi, I never got my policy. Can someone tell me how many years is the payment period for the insurance?


  21. Levs dit :

    My father has been paying around 4k/month since 2008 sa plan na hindi na-explain sakanya, and he is not getting any benefits from it. We tried to cancel the plan since 2012 pa pero masyadong mabagal yung action sa head office nila.

  22. vckz dit :

    I just receive a phone call kanina lang M family protect din 350.mos. ata sabi ko iclarify ko muna yung policy ng insurance bago ako kumuha pero ayun pagtwag sa customer service ng metro bank nka enroll na nga ako tsk.. pero eto nag send na lang ako sa kanila ng cancellation letter

  23. jas dit :

    Hi, i was just offered the same insurance over the phone and I agreed about it for the same reason, persistent agent caller. Now, I want it cancelled because I don’t really have a full idea about what did I agree about. Can you email me their email ad & phone number?

    Thank you

    • stevenin dit :

      I remember having to call Metrobank, then the AXA office. The AXA office gave me a fax number where I could send a formal letter stating that I am canceling my insurance. Do this as soon as possible, because they also have a rule on the effective date of discontinuation (X days after receiving it). After faxing the letter, call AXA again right away to confirm whether they received it or not. Otherwise, they might deny that they received it use it as a delaying tactic.

      • dit :

        sir send me the fax numbers and email addresses…i have same prob it is already 2016 but they still continue the same scam.

  24. Dear Mr. de Guzman,

    Greetings from AXA Philippines.

    We are very sorry to hear of your experience. Your 2012 post was unfortunately just recently brought to our attention and as much as we are disappointed to hear of the difficulties you encountered in canceling your policy, rest assured we have been working closely with Metrobank Credit Card on how we can improve our processes going forward.

    Kindly let us know if we can assist you with anything further. You may reach us directly through (02) 5815-AXA (292) or e-mail us at


    Dandee D. Adapon
    Head, Brand Marketing & Communications

    • stevenin dit :

      As you can see:
      1) It is mostly about the sneaky way of getting people in, not just about the additional hassle of getting people out. Almost no barrier to entry, but so many barriers to exit.
      2) « We have been Working closely with [X party] » – this is mostly a Public Relations talk to me. Why not indicate the specific changes in the processes and policies? If they were indeed changed, then people should not be experiencing the same thing through the years.

      • Dear Mr. de Guzman,

        Thank you for responding. We really appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions in helping us improve the service we provide to our customers.

        Rest assured that we are committed to operating our business in an ethical manner and in compliance with the local guidelines and regulations of the Insurance Commission, the government regulator for insurance.

        To address this specific issue, the following changes have actually been implemented since 2013:
        a) Metrobank Credit Card has ceased its telemarketing operations selling AXA insurance products; we are committed to giving professional one-on-one financial advice through our AXA financial advisors, something that we have found difficult to do over the phone;
        b) After-sales servicing (including requests for cancellation) are now being handled directly by our AXA Customer Care representatives (+632 581 52 92), and no longer through Metrobank Credit Card’s Customer Service representatives. Hopefully this can help speed up the process.

        As we continually look to improve our services to our customers, our aim is to minimize these type of incidents.

        Thank you once again for sharing what you went through as hearing from you will help us improve our services going forth.

      • stevenin dit :

        Judging from the dates of the comments posted by others (even as late as January 2015), the changes were not really implemented in 2013.

      • Dear Mr. de Guzman,

        Noted sir. Reading through the most recent posts (2014/2015) by others, I think most are referring to Metrobank Family Protect of Charter Ping An, which is not a product of AXA.

        It is understandable that people will make mistake one for the other as you are correct in your analysis that insurance is not a familiar product to most Filipinos.

        We really appreciate your feedback and hope that others may also have a more knowledgeable approach towards getting insurance.


    • mia lorraine m. natnat dit :

      hi good evening sir, just emailed your website as well as the metrobank regarding this matter on how to cancel the metro acci shield.. any help on how to cancel it will be much appreciated.. thank you.

      • Dear Ms. Natnat. We would like to acknowledge receipt of your email, and would like to let you know that we have responded as well. Kindly check your inbox 🙂 Thank you for reaching out to us.

      • mia lorraine m. natnat dit :

        just received your email. hoping for fast transaction regarding this matter. I REALLY WANT TO CANCEL MY METRO ACCI SHIELD ASAP WHICH WAS BILLED ON MY ACCOUNT.. THANK YOU

      • mia lorraine m. natnat dit :

        any updates regarding my cancelation request sir

  25. Olivier Togonon dit :

    Mr. Dandee, I just called AXA Customer Care representatives (+632 581 52 92) and she insist that I address my issue to Metrobank. It seems that AXA and Metrobank are now pointing fingers on how to address this issue. I also want my insurance cancelled(Metrocredit protect), like stevenin I too was called by Metrobank’s telemarketer and for my instance asked clearly if cancelling it would be as easy as its application and he said that is is.

    • Dear Mr. Togonon. Apologies for the very late reply as I only saw your comment today. Kindly advise if your Metro Credit Protect has been canceled. We would be glad to assist you.

      • Girme dit :

        Hi to SIr Dandee and AXA… I just sent you email and to metrobank as well regarding my request to cancel Credit Protect and Acci Shield.
        Prior to this, I sent a signed cancellation letter thru fax to this number: 858 8890. I called metrobank customer service afterwards to confirm if they have received the letter but the lady told me to follow up on friday…why it’s taking that long..?

        Its very much appreciated if you can confirm thru email..thanks.

  26. Gisselle dit :

    I would like to cancel also my Metro Acci Shield asap….Anyone could assist me?

  27. Jasper dit :

    Please help me cancel my card protect i cant pay for the insurance. Just like the others someone called me and offers me to avail this promo i thought this was free and the teller never explains the payment. Please help

  28. edeola99 dit :

    Beware… you can sign-up for the insurance on their MetroBank branches but you need to do to their Insurance branches to do any amendments. But what if the insurance branch is totally our of the way? Beware.

  29. Claire S dit :

    Last month, an agent from Metrobank called me and talked about something I couldn’t understand since she was talking too fast, then she asked for my details. Being clueless to what she was talking about, I gave my details since I thought it was only to assess if I am the real holder of the credit card I am holding right now.

    The moment I received my bill, I was shocked to see « Metro Acci Shield » and wondered where it came from. My friend told me that I must’ve agreed to apply for an insurance and gave my details. I can’t help, but worry since I can’t afford to pay another expense apart from my planned expenses.

    I’m really disappointed by the mere fact that huge insurance companies would do anything just to sell their products without explaining it well to their clients. I thought selling insurance products via phone has been removed? How come the operation is still going on up to this date?

    What’s more disappointing is that Metrobank won’t respond to my e-mails regarding this issue. I am hoping for a quick response regarding this issue since it’s also unfair for us, clients, to pay for something against our will.

  30. Bridget Moore dit :

    Hello! I have already sent a cancellation letter to the email But, I got confused by the comments in here. Do I really need to send it thru fax? How?

  31. dit :

    same prob here. it is almost 2016 but they still continue the same scam

  32. dit :

    has somebody tried to settle the bills and just close the credit card????

  33. Can somebody sue this company? Same problem here. Nakakagigil ng laman knowing na di lang pala ako ang naka experience nito. Grrrrrrr! Now I have to wait for their 30 days cancellation sigurado makatatlong beses na ako ma-bill nito.

  34. ELAINE REYES dit :

    I just experienced the same situation of this post ): grabe the caller knows naman that I am a first timer tapos ganto pa ): I called the Metrobank after 30 mins ibaba nung first caller ung phone. I thought magveverify lang ako un pala, may fishy something na. then Metrobank advised me that they’ve made a report re: this issue. I must follow-up nlng daw 3 – 5 working days.

    In such cases, would you guys know home much ung na-cre-credit sa SOA with this Metro acci shield thingy? Thank you (:

  35. ELAINE REYES dit :

    2016 na hndi pa din sila nagbabago ):

    • Jomar O. Mendoza dit :

      Good day everyone. I would like to seek advice/help from others. I am one of the many victims of this fast transaction which is administered thru phone calls.

      Honestly, I never say « yes » to the question if I am willing to agree/want to avail the Credit Life Plus. However, when I received my Statement of Account for the month of October, I was surprised because the Credit Life Plus is reflected in my SOA.

      This prompted me to report the issue before my scheduled due date to the customer service of Metrobank and requested them to do the following:

      1) Cease charging me for payment since i did not agree with AXA/any representative about the Credit Life Plus Policy; 2) Termination of my Credit Card since in the first place I did not apply for it, and I am not planning to use it on any transaction.

      The customer representative from Metrobank told me that i need to wait 10 days for the extraction of the audio conversation with the AXA representive and the processing of my request. I waited for 10 days, and called again, after my the conversation with the representative, i was told to wait for another 3 to 5 days. I waited again, and called the customer service of Metrobank on December 1, 2016 to follow up my request.

      I was told that my request for termination of my credit card was approved. However, i need to pay for the bill that was reflected on my SOA. I asked the customer representative on how I can validate the authenticity of the audio conversation or have a copy of it (because in my mind i really reject the offer or agree to the credit life plus policy), he told me that to validate, I need to wait again for another set of days and they will retrieve again the audio conversation and reevaluate it.

      But then he told me that I dont need to worry or do anything since I was approved of my termination request for my credit card. However, when I return home this Saturday, December 2, 2016, I saw my SOA for November, and the Credit Life Plus is still reflected and I was charged with additional charges such as finance, late and credit protect.

      I think this is not fair for me since I have a dispute with my SOA regarding the charges I have incurred and I reported the issue to customer service earlier before my due date.

      Now i dont know what to do. I’ve sent email to AXA and Metrobank about my issue and just awaiting for their replies.

  36. Jel dit :

    I had the same experience from Metrobank AXA. They kept on calling me so I asked Metrobank Customer Service to delete my records to their telemarketers or what-so-ever coz I’m not interested in any of their promos. Then a month after that cancellation, I was charged for that Credit Life Plus I didn’t approve. I requested for a reversal of that charges but wasn’t approved. They kept on insisting that I approved the said insurance through a phone call with one of their agent. Like, what the hell? I don’t even know what that insurance is for. I emailed BSP right away. A week later, I got an email from Metrobank’s Sales Dept. regarding the reversal and cancellation of the said insurance. Just email BSP and the process will be easy. 🙂

  37. jet: was is BST stands for? we hae the same issue. thanks dit :

    jet: was is BST stands for? we hae the same issue. thanks

  38. Anonyme dit :

    Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it’s truly informative. I going to watch out for brussels. I appreciate if you continue this in future. Lots of people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  39. Nash dit :

    I go to metrobank this day and someone offered me about Axa Insurance and napa yes ako. There are this documents which I signed and merong document na pina fill up sa akin. Totoo po ba yun? Kase ginamit yung debit card ko for first payment. Need po help


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